Hello World….New Pages

Today is the first day of the rest of your life…….   Wow, you can’t do anything about the past, so  repent and forget the past and go forth from this moment and live as if you have no past….. Clean and pure before the Lord, slate to be written with a new beginning….

What if everyone lived that way?  Pure and clean each morning to write a new page on your life for this day. What would you write?

What if each morning, we, the Children of God, got up and decided: TODAY, I will rely on the Lord alone. I will ask no other for help. I will walk in the Spirit today and trust that more will come to meet my supply as I go through this day.  I will empty out this vessel so that I can receive a fresh supply of the divine supply coming down from Abba. I will ask Father and he will fill me up and delivery me from the issues of life that are displeasing to Him and I will pray in faith receiving the blessing that He is pouring out to me today.

Manna is supplied for the day.  If you gather what you need for this day, He will supply your needs for tomorrow – tomorrow.

Lord, today I will empty my vessel so You can fill it with Your divine supply. I will be totally dependant on You and by prayer and supplication, I will become all that You say that I am and I will do all things according to Your will for my life day by day.  Trusting that each day’s supply will be met by You.

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