Hello World…Beauty for Ashes

This morning as I awoke and went to Him, my heart was heavy. I felt a deep yearning to climb in His lap and lay my head against Him just to be able to breathe.  Why was this depth of yearning so strong and this deep urgency to be in His presence on me like this as I came out of sleep?  What had a dreamt that would cause this heaviness so early in the morning?

I bow my head and prayed,  “Lord, into your hands do I lay my body down; into your hands do I commit my thoughts, my feelings, my life today.  Into your hands do I submit myself;  body, soul and spirit that You may take control of my life and delivery me from any thing that is displeasing to You, anything that does not meet Your requirements for my life-living this day. I take the manna from Your hands and I eat that which You place before me from Your hands that refresh my life and make it an abundant life this day . . .  amen.”

The heaviness dispersed and left me immediately and I knew He was taking the ashes of the fires of yesterday and making them into beauty for today. Manna is only good for the one day it is received.  

He told me to lift my eyes because I AM His beloved Child; I AM His blessed Child;  I AM His from the first day I received Him as my Lord and Savior till the last day I take a breath of life.   The Great I AM has called me His own and  I AM.   The Great I AM has called  me Loved and I AM.   His mercy has called me and His grace has kept and guided me daily.  He will continue and I AM  healthy, wealthy,  loved, filled with His Spirit, living a holy life, helping those in need, sharing as He shares with me, loving others as He loves me  for  I AM His Beloved Child and HE is My Abba Father.  

Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Fathers words will never pass away.  With my Father, I will have a wonderful eternity, for I AM having a wonderful life with Him right now…….He takes the ashes and makes life beautiful…..

How about you?

Hello World…. Friend of God / or / Man

Today I read a post that made me so sad. I was in such pain after reading it that I wanted to cry…. I asked the Lord to give me peace over what I had read and His reply to my request was this:   ‘Beloved, I sent my Son Jesus so that mankind’s life would be more than just  business as usual, more than living day-to-day, struggle to struggle, hand to mouth, week to week.  Life’s struggles to  survive was meant to lead you to the Cross and to a Relationship with My Son.  It was meant to draw you to a longing to see Him and to know Him intimately as Lord as well as Savior.’

God gave us His Word to help us to live our lives preparing for that Day.  He wants us to get ready for His coming back.  When He lives in your heart, you see things differently and know things other people do not understand or know.  He reveals real life to you so you can live according to His will for you and gives you power to do it.  He will renew you mind daily, He will share the abundant life with you, He will fellowship with you and I mean, He takes time to talk to you personally about life with Him.   If you have never heard Him speak to you then you better be careful because spirit’s can speak to you from the realm that isn’t godly.

We should model our lives after the One who gave His life for us. Jesus will return as sure as the sun will rise. We must live as if today will be that day…

Hello World…The Word of the Lord

The Word of the Lord remains……

My husband told me  he is retiring from his job.   As I prayed about this, because he did not talk to me about it, I ask the Lord His will on this matter… because with the retirement of my husband I have no insurance. I don’t have a job, and with no insurance, until I turn 65, I have only one choice.

Trust the Lord to be my insurance.  I have been diabetic since I was 26 years old, insulin dependant. When I got saved, I asked the Lord to heal me and the word that came to me was:  My grace is sufficient for you.   At 36, I asked the Lord again to heal me and the word that came to me was: My grace is sufficient for you.  At 44, I went before the Lord in prayer, with thanksgiving. Sitting on my back porch, head bowed, I asked the third time and the word that came to me was:  My grace is sufficient for you so do not ask me again. I will take care of you.  

So I have never asked again.  He has always taken care of me. I have never had any of the things happen to me that happen to other diabetics. I have 20/25 eye sight in both eyes, I feel good, heal very well when any accident happens,  And He takes care of all my needs as well as my body day and night. When I told my husband that I would trust the Lord with my health and God would be my insurance carrier, he looked at me like I was crazy and then said, “Whatever.” 

Insulin is very expensive, so is needles and items used for checking my blood sugar.  But my insurance carrier owns all the hills and the cattle upon those hills. He created the universe and He created me. He knows what I need and when I need it and His Word says he will supply all of my needs by Christ Jesus…..because I am His Child and I am a special creation. There is no one else exactly like me and He loves to share this world with me. I know this because He saved me and we walk together in peace and happiness with the joy of the Lord as my strength each day.

The adversaries who oppose me or confront me or trys to drag me away or make me doubt will be put under my feet because He said so.  When the enemy comes in, like a flood, my Father will raise up a standard against him and nothing they do can keep Him from me or me from Him. Nothing they can say can ever diminish His passion for me because He said so.  I am His Child, adopted into His Kingdom and loved without measure…..deep upto deep because He said so.  It is not by might but by His Holy Spirit power that we will resist and stand fast in the liberty whereby we have been called.  I can resist the evil forces of this dark world because HE SAID SO!

The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.       I believe Him……Don’t you?

P.S.  Look what He said in Genesis  1:3, 1: 6, 1:9, 1:11,  1:14, 1:20, 1:24,  1:26, 1:29,  and look what He said to me in a previous post…about my health….

Hello World….Breakthrough Comes..

This morning the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “You will experience great breakthrough in your life.”

Today begins a new series in my life. I have had great loss in my life during the past years. The loss of my father, the loss of my brother, the loss of  two of my Uncles, my brother-n-law, one of my husband’s sisters,  three  of my Aunts, the loss of my  nephew and the loss of my daughter. As Job exclaimed: “Shall we receive good at the hand of God and shall we not receive evil?” In all this did not Job sin with his lips.

This morning, He spoke:    My Child, I have anointed you for breakthrough. I am the Lord, your breaker, and I will go before you. I have reconciled you to Myself through my Son and have given you the ministry of reconciliation. Your light will break forth like the morning and your healing shall spring forth speedily. You will worship Me and sing praises to My name. The end of all things is at hand, therefore break through in your prayers and be ever serious and watchful for Me.

My answer to Him:   Yes, Lord! I am willing and obedient to Your Word to me. In You I will breakthrough in all areas of my life..In You, I will breakthrough in all my relationships, in my health,  and I will go to new levels of praise and worship to You. I will experience a deeper prayer life, I will watch and pray according to Your will and I will prepare a place in my heart to be more serious and watchful for You to pour out Your Spirit abundantly in my life to others……


Hello World…Spiritual Depth Precept…#18

You can’t get much deeper with an explanation than this picture. Too me it explains everything.  As I write my blog, I depend on Him to lead me and guide me. I depend on Jesus to carry me, guide me and show me His will for my life on a daily basis.  I AM is my I am for my life.  I live because He lives in me and the life I now live is by the faith of the Son of God. ….and I over come by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of my testimony and I love not my life unto the death….

 I am the Child, He is the Savior….Face to Face we behold eternity and in His arms I am safe, covered by His blood and overshadowed by the Spirit of my Father; where ever we go….together  WE GO……Amen

Picture painted by:  Danny Hahibohm

Testimony by: Joyce Beaver, Child of the living God.

Hello World…Spiritual Depth Precpt # 14

Today is the next day of the rest of my life. God has provided this outlet to let it all out so we are going to another depth today.

My pastor’s wife told me “I know I am a Queen, because my pantyhose say I am.” We both laughed and hugged one another and I thought to myself, I have assurance of victory in all things because my bible says I have it. I read my bible each day and each morning and evening I read my devotionals. The night I got saved reading, Hal Lindsey’s book, Satan is Alive and Living on Planet Earth;  the Lord said to me: ‘I will never leave nor forsake you. You are mine and I AM yours forever’. I heard His voice in my heart the moment I said the sinners prayer out loud.  (I have 2 devotionals. Heaven Calling, in the morning and  Daily Declarations for Spiritual Warfare for the evening)

My morning devotional, on my birthday, March 6 this year said: I have promised to never leave nor forsake you, my Chid. That includes when I call you into battle. I am a trustworthy leader. I don’t give  my recruits an assignment and then stand by and watch them fail. I painstakingly prepare my soldiers for every fight. Victory is assured when you put your confidence in me as your Commander-in-Chief. My servant Deborah told Barak that I was going ahead of him to give  my people success. She did not focus on the enemy’s numbers or their might; she knew they were no obstacle for Me. Her faith gave Barak courage. So quite your fearful heart, dear one. I have not lost sight of you. In fact, I have gone before you. I know all the strategies of the enemy and will teach you how to defeat every scheme. I won’t leave you to fight on your own. You and I together — we are invincible.  

My evening devotional on May 6 this year said:  I have broken Leviathan’s power from your life.  My Child, I have broken the demonic power of the sea serpent from your life. I have caused all his demonic little demon fish to stick to his scales as I brought him up out of the midst of the sea and cast him into the wilderness to lie on the open field as food for all the beast of the field and the birds of the heavens. The rivers and seas belong to Me, and I will make utterly waste and desolate the places where his evil power has dwelt. I am the one who commands the sea and its streams to run dry, and I have broken the power of the evils of the sea from bringing destruction to your life.

My bible says in Philippians 4:13   I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHICH STRENGTHENTH ME    and I can. I simply believe that I can and I can and to this day I have been given strength  daily to do all things. He, the Lord Jesus Christ, has given me strength, supranatural strength to do all things, live through all things, believe all things are possible, go through all things and come out on the other side stronger, wiser and able to love unconditionally, believe unconditionally, walk unconditionally, choose to love, live and go on believing tomorrow is going to be a better, brighter and bigger day in the Lord for it is written:  With men it is impossible, but not with God, for with God  all  things are possible.

I believe that all things, ALL THINGS are Possible with God for I am living proof He is more than able to keep that which He begins…….I was a tail on its way to destruction and because He loves unconditionally He came to me and lifted me and walked with me as I walked with Him   – He carries me, He encourages me, He deliveres me, He taught me from        His    B asic   I nstructions   B efore   L eaving   E arth      who He  was,   who He  is and who He will always be, whether we believe Him or not; He is the   I AM.

People  He IS the I AM  Whatever you need, Whenever you need it, Wherever you need it, However you need it lifter of your head. Trust Him, Believe Him  and He will……….  DO IT>


Hello World…..Spiritual Depth Precept…# 8

He passed out in the car and she took him directly to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a brainstem aneurism. that caused his death at age 36. He was buried 5 days later next to our Daddy…The Lord is faithful in all He does….

His hospital stay was short due to the magnitude of the aneurism. He supposedly never regained conscienceless according to the Doctor’s but his wife and our Mom had a conversation with him the last day. The doctor told his wife she was going to have to make a decision to unplug life support on him. She said she could not do it. She  thought the doctor should make the decision and just do it. An argument went on in the room where he lay with all the tubes and electrical wires connected to him until Mom told them to take it outside. Mom stood and talked to him quietly because she said the monitors were rising up high and that she wanted him to be calm and as she talked the monitors went down lower and lower until they were back to a normal range.

Later that night, his wife told Mom she was going home to take a shower and change clothes because she had been in the hospital day and night for three days. Mom said she would stay.Mom told me that his wife had talked to him before she left and told him someone was going to have to make a decision about life support being removed and she asked him what he wanted her to do. While she was talking to him, his little finger moved up and down. His wife asked him could he hear her and his finger moved up again. She was surprised because the doctors said he was not aware of anything or anybody – his brain was so badly damaged. She tested the finger movement with several yes or no questions that she knew he could answer and she would know if he could hear her. All answers were good to go to her.  She asked him if he wanted her to unplug the machines and he moved his finger down to respond to NO.  She asked him if he was aware that the doctors said he could not live because of the brain damage and he responded with a YES upward motion answer. She asked him if he was ready to go and he responded with an upward motion of this finger to YES. She again asked him if he wanted her to turn off the machines and he responded downward with a NO. She told him she loved him, YES was his response. Mother told him she loved him and he responded with  YES. Mom told him she was sorry she had not spoken to him and told him she was sorry for what she said before he left Georgia, did he forgive her and he responded with an UP,  YES and held it there.  His wife told mom she was going to go ahead and go home to get her shower and change clothes and she would be back in a little over an hour. She had been gone about 20 minutes when Mom said the room got real bright and the machines did a strange noise and she felt his Spirit leave the room. She said there was no mistaking what had just happened because every machine in the room went to buzzing and sounding alarm bells and nurses and doctors came from everywhere but there was nothing they could do. He was gone.

 It was a birth defect that caused his death at age 36. He was  a ‘head’ when he died and met the Lord….Many people came to his funeral and he was remembered for his love of the Lord and all the good he did and none of the things when he was tails.

I believe that we human’s are so wrapped up in junk that we have a hard time believing anything.  We would rather believe a fairy tale than the Truth. Some are caught up the way they think it should be and some are caught up in the way other people think it should be….why can’t we just listen to the Spirit and know the Truth when He tells it to us?? 

My story  from tails to head in the next edition…..

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