Angels Come….hello world

I was working on my book The Journey Home today when it came up a bad cloud and the power went out.  I had been writing and forgot to hit save on each page. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning and a boom of thunder. My first thought was uh oh, lost those 20 pages of writing. The computer blinked, then buzzed, then the page wiggled.

My mouth kicked in and I said, “Jesus give your angels charge over this computer and don’t let the pages be lost.!” Immediately the page stopped wiggling, the buzz stopped, but the page blinked again and froze.

I sat for several minutes praying that the computer would not close down and lose all my writing for the day.  My husband came into the room and said, “Turn that computer off before it gets hit by lightning.”  I told him it was frozen and I could do nothing but pray over it and that was what I was doing.

For ten minutes the computer sat frozen and I sat praying. Suddenly, it closed down the internet, my document, and my book.  I shook my head and said, “OK Lord, it is all in your hands. After the storm is over, I will see if I can bring it back up.”

An hour later, after the storm passed, I went back to my computer and turn it back on. I logged into the internet and found my web site. I asked the Lord to help me find my pages. 

Angel’s come when we need their help. And help they did.  Not one page was lost. Somehow they were all saved and all there, just as I had written them.

Prayer works. Try it sometimes.

Chosen…..hello world

God’s people must clothe themselves as His own picked representatives, His chosen  ones who should be purified and holy and well-beloved by God by putting on behavior marked by tender-hearted pity and mercy, kind feeling, gentle ways and patience— which is tireless, long-suffering and take  power to endure whatever comes, with good temper.  We are to be gentle and forbearing with each other and if  we  have a difference against each other; readily pardoning each other; even as the Lord has freely forgiven us, so should we also forgive.

As the people of God we must put on love and enfold ourselves with the bond of perfectness —-which will bind us together in ideal harmony.  We are to let the peace from the Lord act as umpire continually in our hearts.  We need to be thankful, appreciative and give thanks and praise to the Lord daily.. 

As the body of Christ  we should let the Word spoken by Christ the Messiah have its home in our hearts and minds and dwell in us  in all richness, as we tech admonish and train each other in all insight, intelligence,  and wisdom in spiritual songs making melody to God our Father with grace in our hearts.  Everything we do  in word or deed we should do everything in the name of the Lord and in dependence upon His person giving praise to Father through Him.

Let us be example in this world that show the glory of God, the peace of God as we pray.

He is Risen! ….hello world

He is Risen….that is the truth and if He was not risen, you would have nothing to worry about if you believe not….

God gave us choices to make and even told us to ‘choose life’  –  many times we forget that He who created us with an amazing mind also gave us a brain that controls actions in us that are involuntary….like breathing..How many of us think to breath and to tell our hearts to beat….??????

If you got a brain today,  choose wisely and do right.   It makes God happy to see you using the brain He gave you to think before you speak, act wisely about the things of this world and seek peace with all men and with God. 

God will give you wisdom as He sees you making good choices.


Courage on the Road..hello world

This morning in Church, the Lord God Almighty came down and healings took place in our service. Miracles happened… I received one instantly as I worshiped the Lord.   I have not  been on my blog in a while due to pain from three pinched nerves in my neck and shoulder.  This morning as I stood before the Lord, He said to me:  “Reach up and touch Me and you shall be healed.”

I could not raise my arm for pain – I tried but the pain was so intense that tears began to run down my face and I began to cry aloud.  I continued to try to raise my arm when someone came up behind me and lay their hands on my back and shoulder and started praying in the Spirit for me to have strength. I prayed, ‘Lord, give me strength to obey’,  and I mentally saw my arm reach straight up and then I felt my arm go straight up and there was no pain in the movement.  I began to cry worthy is the Lamb and move my arms back and forth while extended into the heavenly realm holding the hand of Jesus.

I received healing in my neck, shoulder and arm.  I could move it and hold it above my head with no pain.   I rejoiced in God My Salvation and My Healer!

This has been a long journey and a painful one but today I am healed and I am giving God all the glory, honor and praise !!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is Good – all the time God is Good.

Hello World…. Waiting Time

This entire week has been a waiting time.  It has been a tiring week of things happening, things going on that shouldn’t be, hurting people who are hurting because those close to them are hurting, and the Lord has been relatively quite for some reason this week.

A friend told me she had had the worse week that she can remember in a long time.   I told her I had the least amount of sleep that I had in a  long time.  She laughed and said, “I understand. I understand.”

This afternoon as I was trying to rest before going back to church tonight, I read  my devotional message for the day.

Father told me to cast all my cares on Him because He was big enough to handle it.  He said He knew my worries and how I sometimes let them have the driver seat and then He told me that anxieties sap my energy.  He told me that I had never had a task as big as Noah’s so I needed to let go of the little fox’s because they spoiled the vine.  He then reminded me that my job was to do whatever He told me to do and His job was to make it happen.  Somehow that seemed to take a load off my mind.  I don’t have to make it happen….I don’t have to make it happen….Glory to God in the highest…..I don’t have to make it happen!!!   He told me to just give Him my worries and He would give me His peace because He has it all under control.   Nothing will happen that He does not give me the power to overcome, do, or that He won’t take care of.     Then my husband came up to me and said, “I love you more than anything in the world!” Then he squeezed my hand and walked away……

WOW…. God has it all in control………………

Hello World… Virtuous Woman

My Mama is 83 years young and still going like a 43-year-old.  She has the most beautiful head of white hair that you have ever seen.   She is a virtuous woman and the heart of her husband did safely trust in her, so that he had no need of spoil.  She did him good and not evil all the days of his life.  Daddy passed away some 15 years ago and Mom has stayed faithful to his memory all these years.   When she was in her mid-30, he had a heart attack and she had to go to work to make a living.  She had never worked a day away from home in her life until this happened and had no work skills other than taking care of 4 children and a husband all the days of her life.  She cooked, cleaned and dressed us kids and took care of all the chores around the house.  She had no TV, no car and very little money.  She would rise up early to cook a big breakfast to feed us kids before school and send Dad off to work with his lunch packed sitting right next to ours on the counter.

She never complained, she never smoked or took a drink, and I never heard her speak an unkind word to anybody when I was young and at home.  She made us walk the caulk line and home work was the first thing on her agenda daily.  Report cards had to come home with all A’s and B’s or you didn’t go anywhere till the next report card came home with all A’s and B’s on it. Her home was immaculate. Her clothes washed and ironed. Her bed’s made daily and the hardwood floors were mopped and waxed every Wednesday rain or  shine.

She made our clothes….that is she made my clothes and my 2 sisters clothes.  We didn’t wear store-bought clothes like other kids.  When she had to go to work, my Aunt Eddy got her a job where she worked in a plant.  She worked swing shift thirty years and retired when she was 65 years old worn out and tired.  My father passed away and she never got over it.  A couple of years later, my brother passed away and she never got over that one either.   She has seen all of her brother-n-laws and sister-n-laws die.  She has been through the death of children and grandchildren.  Her mother and dad died.  But Mom is a strong and courageous woman of God and she sees all things as in the ‘hands of the Lord’.  Strength and honor are her clothing and she rejoices in the times to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness.   We, her children, arise and call her blessed.   She is a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.

This is my MAMA and I love her.

Hello World…Joy is your Strength

Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.     I have found that circumstances are not my master.  No matter what is happening around you, you don’t have to be caught up in the junk of worry and fretting over the out  come.  You don’t have to go through the sleepless nights wondering if it is going to work out in the end because the joy of the Lord bubbles up within your soul from the inner wellspring that comes from knowing God.

God’s joy can flood your spirit, soul and body and fill your mind with happiness. You can sing with joy when you know who God is and when you contemplate all God has done for you and your family, your excitement will intensify.  You should thank Him for the joy he imparts to you.  He is your highest joy and delights to give you peace that passes all understanding.  You can walk in the strength that His joy imparts to you. Your joy will be full as you ask and receive in the name above all names!

You joy is complete when you pray in the authority represented by Jesus name, because you know the Father will hear and answer all your prayers.  His abiding joy is your everlasting strength.  Joy goes much deeper than anything this world has to offer. It is far more wonderful than any human emotion and like a fountain that springs from the depths of the earth, God’s joy rises and fills you, and flows forth from your life into the lives of those around you; family and friends alike.

The joy of the Lord is your strength and you can over come all obstacles in your life.  All you have to do is ask, seek and knock.  He is always home and He is always listening.

Hello World…Enter into Rest

This old world is full of angry, unhappy, selfish and dissatisfied people.  ” WHY”  I asked, “are so many people so unhappy in this old world?????”   I went to the old Testament and read for a while and this is the conclusion I have come to.

In the Old Testament, I found that Adam and Eve were disobedient,  Pharaoh was disobedient,  the Israelites were disobedient, the people in Noah’s day were disobedient, King Saul was disobedient, Jonah was disobedient, a lot of other’s were disobedient and then I went to the New Testament and found the Jews, Gentiles, children, parents, foolish men were disobedient and that seemed to be   the reason they were so angry, unhappy, and dissatisfied.

So I looked up the word:  Disobedience and it said:   The condition or fact of not obeying:  insubordination.

Then I found this message from the Lord in Biblical Principals to Defeat the Devil by John Eckhardt.  It said:  Well, I can’t tell you what it said because it has a copyright on the word from the Lord……strange that someone would copyright a word from the Lord but that is what the book said.  So I will give you what the Lord said to me and it isn’t copyrighted. 

Children,   I have given you an instruction book that has My will for your happiness laid out with no holds barred.  It tells the good, the bad and the ugly of good people, bad people and ugly folks.  When I say ugly, I mean the disposition they get up with in the morning because they don’t know Me.   When an unbeliever wakes up in the morning, they never speak to Me, they don’t even take thought of what the day will bring with or without Me. They kick the dog going out the door, scream at their children because the child spilled milk, curse the car in front of them and yell at people who can’t hear them in another car.  The bad;  just don’t obey Me or incline their hearts toward Me because they choose to run their own lives at the expense of everyone around them. They don’t have love for themselves or anyone else. They hurt themselves and anyone who gets in their way and cause untold  havoc around their lives and others lives. They are conformed to the weed,  and drink themselves to sleep at night, hurting others as they go.  The good;  they try hard and do good most of the time. They want to live right, do right, think right, and sometimes they succeed on their own steam, but they are not  happy cause it is really hard trying to be good without My help. You can’t enter my rest until you come to My Son and believe He did all there is to be done to open the door to heaven so you can come into that rest I have for you.   I have told many times that you can’t work your way, you can not earn your way, you can not do anything but believe, repent and receive what I have already done for you.   It isn’t that difficult to enter into My rest.  I made it easy and My burden is light.  David said it all when he told you that the Lord is your shepherd, you don’t have to want for I will make you to lie down in green pastures, I will lead you beside still waters, I will restore your soul, I will guide you in the paths of righteousness for My name’s sake. When you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil, for I will be with you.  My rod and My staff they will comfort you. I will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies; I will anoint your head with oil and your cup will run over. My goodness and loving-kindness shall follow you all the days of your life and you shall dwell in my house for eternity. I have prepared everything you need to enter into My rest.  Just come as you are. Ask Me.  Seek Me.  Knock at My door.  You are welcome just as you are. I will change your clothes, I will wash you white as snow, I will bring you into My rest.. Come and see.

I told you He is wonderful, didn’t I?…..Glory to His Name..

Hello World…..Now And Forever

Markeeta:   this is for you!

   When you follow Me, dear Child, you will suffer some form of persecution. Some people may laugh at you or talk behind your back; some may even be so bold as to call you foolish.      My precious Son was treated with disdain — even to the point of death.  When you face persecution because of your faith in me, know that I will enable you to stand before your enemies without fear.  I will give you the wisdom to say what needs to be said, with words so true and clear that your persecutors will be unable to prove  them wrong. I will strengthen you and comfort you and give you peace, but most importantly, I will be with you.    Now and forever.                 HC

This is the kind that goes not out but by prayer and fasting….Matthew  17:21

You must live a life of communion and prayer if you are to save others.  Take the Word of God as He has commanded, “By prayer and fasting.”  Pray and deny yourself, and you will be used marvellously to save and help others.  He will give you wisdom to say things that none of your enemies will be able to stand against or prove wrong.  Just give Him all the glory and thank Him for providing everything you need the moment you need it…..

To  God be all the glory!

Love and prayers agreeing with you as you pray!  


Hello World….Friends are precious

Friends are precious and a gift from God. 

Today an old friend called me and at first I didnt’ recognize his voice.  While we were getting re-aquainted, my phone disconnected so I redialed the number and when he answered I did finally recognize my friend Shukri.  He had called to tell me that his sister, Markita had moved to the Atlanta area and had read my blog.   I have never been one to answer emails because I don’t know that much about what I am doing… I just love writing and sharing what the Lord has done with me so I told him I didn’t know if I had answered her email to me….. SO, Markita, if you are reading my blog…… You brother gave me your phone number and I will give  you a call. He said he would be talking to you in a couple of days to let you know he had spoken to me, so I will give him time  to call you before I do so you will have a heads up.

My friend, Barbara, is coming to visit me soon. She wants to go to the movies and does not have anyone to go with her so she is traveling 2 1/2 hours to go to the movies with me.  I told her I would pick a good   G   movie because I don’t like going to the movies…. She laughed and said she didn’t care what rating it was as long as it was clean, clear and disinfected. . . . . . .  she had not been to the movies since she and I had gone to see 2012 on release date years ago.  I stated to laugh and told her we would go see 2016 and keep up with the movies we have seen by their dates….

My friend, Martha, called and said she was praying for me and my husband. My husband has retired and he does not know what to do with himself. He has worked all his life and now he has no hobbies, no interest in cleaning and throwing away, no friends that don’t work and we live 2 1/2 hours aways from his family. I told her he would find himself eventually as we pray for him.   God is faithful in all He does and He will find that man something to do.

My friend, Jackie, is a prayer warrior.  When she prays mountains move and she is praying for him.  So are my friends, Myrna,  Deborah, Joyce, Bea, Carolyn, Nancy, Rita, Lillian, and Janice.   That man has nothing to worry about when it comes to finding something to do now that he is retired.   These women praying have enough power to move heaven and earth to get it done….

Friends are precious and I am so glad God gave these women of God  to me for  friends.  Jesus  is Lord of  our lives…  is He Lord of yours?

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