Physical or Spiritual…hello world

My physical therapist insists that the way to achieve true happiness and to feel better after a massage is to come back and do it again next week….and to keep on keeping on what I start each day…..  So far today, I have finished a whole bag of potato chips,  a package of  bitesized  pepper mint patties, and a chocolate cake…..I feel better already!        JUST KIDDING!

Why is it when you talk to God, it is praying, but when He talks to you, you’re crazy? Why can’t one have a spiritual therapist who talks to them like a physical therapist does?   (My Spiritual therapist is Holy and knows all)

 I was reading my morning devotional and the Lord spoke to me again about some things He spoke to me about yesterday.  Do you remember me telling you that He wanted me to organize and do away with some things in my life?   I started to do it yesterday and guess what I found?   15  bibles, (3 KJV, 12 different translations),    3 commentaries,  3 dictionaries, 1 expository dictionary of bible words, 1 Bible Readings for the home, 1 Dispensational Truth of the World by Clarence Larkin, John G. Lake’s Life story, 1 Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the bible, 2 devotionals, 5 books on prayer, so many individual book studys that I didn’t count them, so many books about what other people believe that I didn’t count those either…… the Lord stopped me and said:  “Do you NOW know why I asked you to get organized?”  I answered with, “Yes, but I use all these to study and read and when someone asked me, I get one and give them the answer from Your Word so that they know that I am not just making all this up.”  His answer back to me, “You know the answers, you know Me, you only need one bible, one commentary, one of all the things I have provided you with. I want you to give the rest away to someone who does not have a bible or commentary or book and spend more time with Me. I AM coming soon and I have much to teach you between now and then. The deep things are only found in My presence, being taught by My Spirit and I Am preparing Mine for what is coming ….he that has an ear to hear will hear what My Spirit says! I AM calling out to My Children in these last days to listen, follow Me and open even the darkest parts of yourselves to Me; I AM here to bring you light and life in these last days. Obedience is better than sacrifice…”

This is Joy, signing off for today so that I can get busy about the Master’s business of getting organized and giving things away…..

Better Together…hello world

Did you know that prayer time with God is precious to Him?  Did you know that God rejoices in the time you take to come to Him and spend time in His presence?

Did you know that it is He that empowers you and equips you?  Did you know that He rejoices over the fellowship you bring to Him in praise and worship?  Did you know that He loves you unconditionally and wants to be part of your life daily?

You can’t do life alone.  I can’t do life alone. He wants us to seek Him and seek out other believers to encourage us and fellowship with us …asking for help is not a sign of weakness — it is a sign of knowing that when you are weak – He can be your strength and He will give you joy….. It is better together.

Seek God out and bring your friends along. Spend time in prayer and seeking His face and not His gifts.  Find time to have a relationship with Father and when you say “Abba”,  He will run to you, embrace you, and lift you up. 

It is His delight to spend time with you and me….. so come along now and let us pray:

     Our Father, which is in heaven, Holy is your name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as in heaven, Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive our debtors, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever —Amen..

Hello World…Wake Up!

Christmas Eve and all through the  house not a sound was made for all were sound asleep,  everyone except me.  I decided to stay up and pray for God to open the eyes of those who fell asleep in 2012 and can’t seem to wake up for anything that is going on.  I have some questions for the folks who are asleep and are not concerned about the future.

1.   What lies ahead for this world?

2.   What does the future hold for the Children of God?

3.   How can we properly prepare for what we are about to face in the future?

I believe that God has a divine plan for this world and that we are rapidly moving toward the plan He is working out for our future. I don’t believe that we can alter anything that is coming, but I do believe that He wants us to be awake and fully understanding and actively participating in the plan along side Him.   When He was on earth and spoke to Peter about prophecy. He said, “And I will give unto thee the kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.  Matt. 16:19   Peter was the  preacher to the gentiles. He was to bring the key’s of the good news to gentile’s and teach gentiles’ the precepts  to the kingdom of heaven and how to use the spiritual keys to open the wisdom of prophecy to those who would study to understand.

What are these keys?   Key number 1 is to understand that we have authority over the enemy, Satan.  We have the ability to command binding and loosing.  We have the authority to stop the enemy in his tracks before he attacks. We have authority over the storms of life, the storms of wind, rain and tornado’s.  We have authority to open and shut the door to the knowledge of the kingdom of God.  When we learn to obey God, He will perform that in us to His glory.   How do I know that?

I was once in a storm that was filled with torrential rain, hail, and tornado’s forming.  My husband had a new truck that he was worried would get hail damage. The news media said hail the size of golf balls was falling in different area’s where tornado’s were forming and he was very upset that it would hit our area. We were away from home and could see the black clouds coming our way. We stopped in a large parking lot area and went inside a store to get somethings we needed and a lady told us as we went in, the news media had just announced a tornado was on the ground coming our way.  She said they were warning everyone to stay inside because the hail was falling just ahead of the tornado causing extensive damage. The wind was blowing the trees sideways.  My husband turned around and said, “Let’s go. We have got to get home before it hits here!”   As we got to the truck, I  could see that it was too late to run for we could see the tornado in the distance. I told him to stop and turn the truck facing the tornado and get out of the truck and hold the door open on his side and I would do the same on my side. I asked him to pray for God to lift the tornado off the ground and to stop the hail and rain.  We stood out in the howling wind. My hair was long and the wind picked it up blowing it in circles around my head as we prayed.  We took authority over the wind, rain and hail in Jesus Name and commanded it to be still.  I took authority, with  my husband, and commanded the tornado to lift and cease in Jesus Name.  We continued to do this until we saw the tornado begin to go back up into the cloud from where it had formed. We felt the wind dying down and not one drop of rain or hail fell where we were standing.

We got back into the truck and drove to the chicken place and ordered snacks and drinks. As we were pulling off, it began to rain and he said,  “IT”S BACK!”  I told him to drive to the side of the building and roll the windows down.  Hold my hand and pray.  He did and we did.  We asked God to protect the truck from any hail that should fall…….to keep the truck and us safe from hail damage in Jesus Name.  We sat there and watch the hail fall all around our truck, about a foot away from all sides and front. NOT ONE piece of ice hit our truck – but it was hitting the ground all around  us.  We both  kept praying.  As we prayed, we both looked up and out the front windshield and our mouths fell open at the same time as we both gasped at what we were seeing. “Oh, MY GOD,” he said to me, “Do you see what I see?”  “If you are seeing the biggest angel you have ever seen standing in front of the truck with his sword drawn over our truck, I am.” “I am seeing the biggest anything I have every seen standing in front of our truck.”  Suddenly the angel disappeared and it stopped raining and hailing. My husband said to me with a smile on his face. “NOT one piece of hail hit this truck, but look out the window at it on the ground around the truck”…we opened the doors and took a closer look.  We closed the doors and backed up and took another look.  Where the truck had been sitting was dry cement and about a foot out from the dry cement was hail on wet cement. It looked like we had been sitting under a box somewhat larger than the actual truck and no water or hail had gotten on the area where the truck had been sitting.  

That was the time when my husband began to understand what it means to exercise your authority by the Word.  Command loosing and binding on earth. We have power to do things supra-natural on earth as it is in heaven.  When two come into agreement concerning anything they ask, it shall be done in Jesus name.

Revelations 2:7 says:  He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches.  Most people believe the church is a building they go too on Sunday to worship.  I believe I am the church. I worship my Father and I am the temple He lives in.  He is resident at home with me all the time.  I don’t have to go anywhere to worship Him. I just do it. I go to the building to meet with others who are like-minded and like to come together to praise and worship  together.  I pray that in 2013 more people will become churches and let Him reside at home in His temple.  This old world could become the kingdom of heaven on earth as it is in heaven.

Wake up, people…….Listen to what the Spirit says unto the churches.

Hello World….Tangled Skeins

The bible says ‘in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.

   Feeling that helps me trust in the Lord that  He is leading us safely, faithfully and will always do it.  Will you believe God that all this is really to bring the answer to your prayers?

When I remember that God is the Supreme Being who created this world, made everything, knows all and can control all, but gave us freewill  – my mind seems to want to go there and see it as well as faith it…..

Everyday as I put my affairs, my confusion, my difficulties into His hands I began to effect a cure  of all disharmony and disorder in my life. I know that my Father will cause me no more pain in the doing of taking control of my life than a physician who plans and knows he can effect a cure would cause his patient.  God will do all that He plans to do in my life with tenderness and love.   My place in all this is to trust Him and allow Him to do in me all that is good for me to grow and become all He has called me to be.

I must be quiet and in confidence let Him take the tangled skeins of my life and weave them into a beautiful  cloth that He may use at the table of life.

How about you?

Hello World…Focus on Him

Where is your focus today?   Is it on how much you have to do?  What needs to be done around the house or the people who are depending on you to get it done?

Why don’t we just focus on Him and see what He is doing and get in there and do it with Him?   God knows how busy we are and what we have to do today so why not just rest in Him and remember that we can’t do it without Him.  Remember that button on your computer when it freezes up,  REFRESH;  mine looks like to arrows pointing in opposite directions.  That is how I feel sometimes during the day when the business catches up with me.

Abba Father has given us a whole day to rest, why don’t we take advantage of it weekly and be like Jesus?  Going to that place of rest, bowing our heads in worship, getting quite before the Lord will not only remind us of the Love He has for us, but it will bring lightness of spirit and remove the burdens of the day, give us needed rest and relaxation of Spirit and help us put all things into perspective. 

Worship the Lord today and rest in Him…..

Lord, I will be in Church Sunday worshiping and resting in you. Help me to be still and know that You are God and You live big in this temple!

Hello World…….I take my Focus off the battle…

Years ago – the day I got saved,  the Lord spoke to my heart and said: “I will never leave you, nor forsake you – you are mine and I AM yours–forever”

He made a promise to me that day and I have never forgotten it  This past week-end, on Sunday evening,,  my sister read a daily promise word to me from her devotional that was posted on my Birth Date. As she read it, I began shouting and praising the Lord for He was touching me again  reminding me again with that Word  – This is what she read to me:

I have promised to never leave nor forsake you, my child. That includes when I call you into battle. I am a trustworthy leader. I don’t give my recruits an assignment and then stand by and watch them fail. I painstakingly prepare my soldiers for every fight. Victory is assured when you put your confidence in me as your Commander-in-Chief.  My servant Deborah told Barak that I was going  ahead of him to give my people success. She did not focus on the enemy’s numbers or their might; she knew they were no obstacle for me. Her faith gave Barak courage.  So quiet your fearful heart, dear one. I have not lost sight of you. In fact, I have gone before you, I know all the strategies of the enemy and will teach you how to defeat every scheme.   I won’t leave you to fight on your own. You and I together–we’re invincible.

We must always take our focus off the battle and put it on the LORD.

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