Angels Come….hello world

I was working on my book The Journey Home today when it came up a bad cloud and the power went out.  I had been writing and forgot to hit save on each page. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning and a boom of thunder. My first thought was uh oh, lost those 20 pages of writing. The computer blinked, then buzzed, then the page wiggled.

My mouth kicked in and I said, “Jesus give your angels charge over this computer and don’t let the pages be lost.!” Immediately the page stopped wiggling, the buzz stopped, but the page blinked again and froze.

I sat for several minutes praying that the computer would not close down and lose all my writing for the day.  My husband came into the room and said, “Turn that computer off before it gets hit by lightning.”  I told him it was frozen and I could do nothing but pray over it and that was what I was doing.

For ten minutes the computer sat frozen and I sat praying. Suddenly, it closed down the internet, my document, and my book.  I shook my head and said, “OK Lord, it is all in your hands. After the storm is over, I will see if I can bring it back up.”

An hour later, after the storm passed, I went back to my computer and turn it back on. I logged into the internet and found my web site. I asked the Lord to help me find my pages. 

Angel’s come when we need their help. And help they did.  Not one page was lost. Somehow they were all saved and all there, just as I had written them.

Prayer works. Try it sometimes.

My Times In His Hand…hello world

I have been gone for a while…have been taking some time alone with Him…have been pondering the times we live in and how it is going out there for you, wondering if you are  feeling like we are living in a ‘wonderland’ of what is going to happen next…..

During this pondering-time, I have come to the conclusion that we are called for such a time as this.  I know my times are in His hand. All of us that have been born in 1948 and forward are in the last generation with the God of all times and all circumstances.   He has called us to be His servants  in this time and place and at just the right time and in the order to usher in change, hope or deliverance to those we come in contact with on a daily basis.

He has established us where we are today and has called us to this exact time, this exact place, these exact circumstances, all the situations we run into, every person we come in contact with is part of our purpose.   He knows our fears, He knows He can trust us and He knows that we will follow His Word and do it.   He is the promise that we must give to others, He is the peace that passes all understanding that we can provide as we are faithful to obey His very word to us to go and make disciples.

He who has called us is faithful to perform that for which He is sending us to do.  Seeing what God is doing and getting in there to be His hands,  His smile, His listening ear; we can know for certain that with God all things are possible and rest in the knowledge and the assurance that we have been called to such a time as this  and know that our times are in His hand.

We need, as I have come to understand, to rest in  God.  I mean REST in GOD!

Don’t do anything unless He tells you to do it and get busy when He speaks and DO IT! The doing will be easy and you will be at peace in the doing.  His work is His doing and He will give you the grace and the authority to do it.

Ester 4:14

Guidance…Hello World

Heavenly Father,

We thank you for guiding our lives and leading us at all times. Show us your way so that we might know your will. We ask you to be our vision, our eyes, our all.  You are our lamp, O Lord, and we are asking you to lead us beside still waters and for you to restore our soul. Show us your ways O Lord and teach us your path.  We will thank you for the knowledge of your will and ask  that you will guide us with judgment and you will teach us your ways.

Your Word promises  us Lord, that you always order the steps of a good person, and you delight in the way of a person who is following you. With all our heart, Father, We want to be the kind of person who brings joy and delight to your heart. 

Send out your light and truth. Let them lead us.  You are our God forever and ever, you will be our guide even unto death. Your Word is a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path.  Cause us to know the way in which we should walk.  Attend unto our prayers, Father, as we incline  our ears to your Word.

You have given us your Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. Thank you for your guidance in our prayer unto you.  Lord, you see the situation and you know what is being asked.  Open our eyes to see Truth and help us to hear what the Spirit is saying about the situation. 

In Jesus Name, we ask for guidance.

Better Together…hello world

Did you know that prayer time with God is precious to Him?  Did you know that God rejoices in the time you take to come to Him and spend time in His presence?

Did you know that it is He that empowers you and equips you?  Did you know that He rejoices over the fellowship you bring to Him in praise and worship?  Did you know that He loves you unconditionally and wants to be part of your life daily?

You can’t do life alone.  I can’t do life alone. He wants us to seek Him and seek out other believers to encourage us and fellowship with us …asking for help is not a sign of weakness — it is a sign of knowing that when you are weak – He can be your strength and He will give you joy….. It is better together.

Seek God out and bring your friends along. Spend time in prayer and seeking His face and not His gifts.  Find time to have a relationship with Father and when you say “Abba”,  He will run to you, embrace you, and lift you up. 

It is His delight to spend time with you and me….. so come along now and let us pray:

     Our Father, which is in heaven, Holy is your name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as in heaven, Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive our debtors, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever —Amen..

Victorious Faith…Hello World

Faith is the victory that overcomes the world.  Thanks be unto God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord is great and has power, glory and victory. He is Majesty and heaven is His home while earth is ‘ at the present time.  He said He was going away to build us a home and He would come and get us soon.

Faith gives us the ability to be overcomers and conquerors through Christ who loves us.    I am asking the question, how does faith change you?

Faith is our believing, or being fully persuaded that nothing, not death, life, angels, principalities, powers, nor things present, nor things yet to come, not height, depth, or any creature shall be able to separate us from the love which is in Christ Jesus.

What if we took on the faith of supra-natural living?  Oh, you never heard of supra-natural  faith?  That, my friend, is faith above the natural living of life as we know it.  That is believing everything that God says and doing it. Believing that God is who He says He is and that He is able to do what He says He will do, so we could be moving into  a new realm with Him.

Faith grows by hearing the Word, but doing the Word and seeing it come to pass will grow your faith double-time.   So let us grow from faith to faith into the faith of the Son of God.

God said it, that settles it, so believe it.

Hello World….Rejoice Be Glad

WOW!   God is so good  — all the time He is good.  

Beloved, God loves to surprise us with His grace, mercy and bounty–so abundant is His grace and mercy and bounty that we sometimes fail to see the answer right before our very eyes.   He is God and He can do anything…… …… Can you imagine the love light in His eyes as He watches us receive   the answer  to our prayers and as He hears the joy and gladness  in our voices as we praise and   worship Him for the answers coming forth?

We are quick to ask, but not patient in waiting for the answers.          Years ago, I prayed for my husband to become the Mighty Man of God that I know He can be.      I am still praying for that prayer to be answered. 

Yesterday, I wondered if I was praying the wrong prayer… Should I be asking for Him to become the Mighty Man of God that God knows He is and just begin to thank God that  my husband is what    God says he is and stop fretting when I see him mad and angry, cussing and throwing things. 

Today I asked God:  “Why is he still like he was 30 years ago. And this is the answer I got.

       He is not the same man he was 30 years ago, he is a better man, but he still has a lot of rough edges to  be ground off.  Also, I use his rough edges to polish you, my Child.  When you stop fretting and fall into constant rejoicing  in all things, you will see the glory of the Lord go before you.   Stop praying and start rejoicing in WHO he is right now and watch Me change him into what he is becoming.  You expect a miracle by believing it is done and you won’t be disappointed. 

God, I believe You can do all I ask of you.  I rejoice in this right now!

Hello World… Holy Spirit Power

Where does your power come from?   Where does my power come from?   If you have no power, why not?

I had a very unlearned preacher tell me once that the Holy Spirit does not do the same things today as He did in century’s passed because  we didn’t need the Holy Spirit like they did in the beginning of the bible times.      I had read the bible from cover to cover within a few weeks after I got saved and I understood a scripture that said, “I AM the Lord, I change not; therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed.”  Malachi 3:6      If the Lord says He changes not, then whatever is passed, present and future with the Lord, changes not.

Doubt is not believing the Word of the Lord.    Belief is believing every jot, tittle and word the Lord says.   Therefore the Lord changes not and neither does the Word of the Lord change.  If it was true then, it is true now.   I look unto the Lord for the answers to all problem in my life,   in my mind and those brought about by what others believe or don’t believe.    I believe the Lord first whether anyone likes it or not.   I want Him to say to me, “Well done, you good and faithful servant!”

Right now I need prayer and you all to agree with me that the endeavor that I am about to embark on is God’s will for my life.  I have applied to the Church of God to become an Exhorter and I have to complete 6 months of schooling, classes and test to get my certificate.  Then I have to complete 9 months of classes, schooling, and test to get my license to become a Pastor;  with that license I can be a certified teacher of the Word.  I have been studying the Word  for 39 years so I don’t see any problems with passing the test.  I desire prayer in the area of my husband’s blessing on all of this concerning the classes and schooling and his agreement when I have to go before the Board with him at my side to answer questions regarding his agreement with all aspects of what I will be doing. 

Father has already said:   “Well, done, beloved!  You have been doing an incredible job!  I am so proud of your willingness to serve me  —  the many ways in which you have stepped  out to declare my praise in often hostile environments. Your deep love and passionate desire to serve me makes me glad.   You,  My darling Child, can rest in the fullness of My approval.   Continue to follow with passion and you will see the glory of My presence more and more in your life.   Keep your eyes on Me as I keep My eyes on you and together we shall over come all obstacles.”

All things in my life are powered by the Holy Spirit.  I can do all things that He presents to me by His power.

Pray for me!

L, J

Hello World…Beauty for Ashes

This morning as I awoke and went to Him, my heart was heavy. I felt a deep yearning to climb in His lap and lay my head against Him just to be able to breathe.  Why was this depth of yearning so strong and this deep urgency to be in His presence on me like this as I came out of sleep?  What had a dreamt that would cause this heaviness so early in the morning?

I bow my head and prayed,  “Lord, into your hands do I lay my body down; into your hands do I commit my thoughts, my feelings, my life today.  Into your hands do I submit myself;  body, soul and spirit that You may take control of my life and delivery me from any thing that is displeasing to You, anything that does not meet Your requirements for my life-living this day. I take the manna from Your hands and I eat that which You place before me from Your hands that refresh my life and make it an abundant life this day . . .  amen.”

The heaviness dispersed and left me immediately and I knew He was taking the ashes of the fires of yesterday and making them into beauty for today. Manna is only good for the one day it is received.  

He told me to lift my eyes because I AM His beloved Child; I AM His blessed Child;  I AM His from the first day I received Him as my Lord and Savior till the last day I take a breath of life.   The Great I AM has called me His own and  I AM.   The Great I AM has called  me Loved and I AM.   His mercy has called me and His grace has kept and guided me daily.  He will continue and I AM  healthy, wealthy,  loved, filled with His Spirit, living a holy life, helping those in need, sharing as He shares with me, loving others as He loves me  for  I AM His Beloved Child and HE is My Abba Father.  

Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Fathers words will never pass away.  With my Father, I will have a wonderful eternity, for I AM having a wonderful life with Him right now…….He takes the ashes and makes life beautiful…..

How about you?

Hello World…Friendship with God..

What does it mean to be a friend of God?  Have you ever thought about being God’s friend?   Was anybody in the bible every called the friend of God?

As I remember, Abraham was call God’s friend.

In 2 Chronicles 20:7 it ask; Are not thou our God, who did drive out the inhabitants of this land before thy people Israel and gave it to the seed of Abraham, thy friend forever?

Isaiah 41:8; But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham, my friend.

James 2:23 and the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God and it was imputed unto him for righteousness and he was called the Friend of God.

Three separate scriptures states the Abraham was a friend of God.   What was so special about Abraham that God would call him Friend?  Have you ever thought about what is it that I must do to be called a friend of God’s or to be the apple of His eye as was David?

As I was talking to my friend, I asked the Lord to give me an answer and this scripture came to me immediately.

Proverbs 17:17    A FRIEND LOVES AT ALL TIMES…….

Then my friend said as I read it to her:  “No  matter what, they love one another. They can go through the worst of times together, and the best of times together and see each other over the humps. Like when my daughter said, ‘you don’t love me as much as you love sister.’ She said, “I love you like God loves us, unconditionally …. no matter how you act, no matter what you think, no matter what you do, you are my child and I love you, that will never change. You are MY Child and I love you regardless of how you love me, or whether you love me or not. It is unconditional love I have for you. It will never change.”

Being a friend of God means that your love for Him never waivers and neither does your love for others.  Why?  Because His love for you is unconditional and it never changes. Proof of this is  in what He did when He sent Jesus to pay the price so you could come home.

Sin can not dwell in heaven, so God sent His only Son to die for you …..your job is to believe He did it for you and repent and receive the free gift of unconditional love and believe….

Being a friend of God hung on the cross, it is called Love………..

Hello World….Spiritual Life

I will put my Spirit inside you, and you will come to life.   Ezekiel 37:14  NCV

How do you trust the Lord to take care of you?  What is your participation in the work of the Lord? 

Salvation is a FREE gift. Don’t cost you anything. I once thought everybody in the world should be saved since it is so easy to be saved. One man did it all for all mankind and all He requires is that you have faith that He did it for you, believe what He says about sin and repent, believe what He said about receiving His free gift to you and receive it and He does all the rest in you from then on if you obey His word. What do you have to believe?

1. You are a sinner,  have you ever lied, cheated, cussed, got drunk, done anything your mama told you not to do, stolen something,  — then you are a sinner.

2.  Believe what the basic instructions before leaving earth says about Him.  He died in your place for all the sin you have ever committed, are committing, will commit.

3.  Confess who you are to him and confess who He is to you.   I am a  sinner,  He is the savior.

4.  Accept what He did for you —  died in your place for your sins – and believe He did it for you.

5. Receive Him into your heart by faith and confess who He is in you.  I am saved by the savior, Jesus Christ,.

Ephesians 2:8     For by grace are you saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.

Romans 1:17      The just shall live by faith….

Hebrews 11:1      Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seem.

Romans 3:10    There is none righteous, no, not one…

Romans 3:23     For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

If you read the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth – you shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free….I know this is true, it happened to me…

 Prayer is easy too.  You just talk to God like He is sitting right there next to you,  like you would a friend.

I will start this for you:    Here I am and I don’t know if you hear me, but I am believing by faith that You do. I come confessing that I am a sinner and I need a savior. I don’t know a lot about this but I trust You will teach me. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for me and I want him to come live in my heart and help make my life pleasing to Father. I believe what Father says about his Son. He died  for me and shed his blood in my place and I receive your forgiveness for all my sins and I receive the free gift of eternal life right now. I believe your word to me that I am now saved and Jesus is my savior. Amen

Your life will never be the same……..I  know…mine has never been the same since I received Him….

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