Physical or Spiritual…hello world

My physical therapist insists that the way to achieve true happiness and to feel better after a massage is to come back and do it again next week….and to keep on keeping on what I start each day…..  So far today, I have finished a whole bag of potato chips,  a package of  bitesized  pepper mint patties, and a chocolate cake…..I feel better already!        JUST KIDDING!

Why is it when you talk to God, it is praying, but when He talks to you, you’re crazy? Why can’t one have a spiritual therapist who talks to them like a physical therapist does?   (My Spiritual therapist is Holy and knows all)

 I was reading my morning devotional and the Lord spoke to me again about some things He spoke to me about yesterday.  Do you remember me telling you that He wanted me to organize and do away with some things in my life?   I started to do it yesterday and guess what I found?   15  bibles, (3 KJV, 12 different translations),    3 commentaries,  3 dictionaries, 1 expository dictionary of bible words, 1 Bible Readings for the home, 1 Dispensational Truth of the World by Clarence Larkin, John G. Lake’s Life story, 1 Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the bible, 2 devotionals, 5 books on prayer, so many individual book studys that I didn’t count them, so many books about what other people believe that I didn’t count those either…… the Lord stopped me and said:  “Do you NOW know why I asked you to get organized?”  I answered with, “Yes, but I use all these to study and read and when someone asked me, I get one and give them the answer from Your Word so that they know that I am not just making all this up.”  His answer back to me, “You know the answers, you know Me, you only need one bible, one commentary, one of all the things I have provided you with. I want you to give the rest away to someone who does not have a bible or commentary or book and spend more time with Me. I AM coming soon and I have much to teach you between now and then. The deep things are only found in My presence, being taught by My Spirit and I Am preparing Mine for what is coming ….he that has an ear to hear will hear what My Spirit says! I AM calling out to My Children in these last days to listen, follow Me and open even the darkest parts of yourselves to Me; I AM here to bring you light and life in these last days. Obedience is better than sacrifice…”

This is Joy, signing off for today so that I can get busy about the Master’s business of getting organized and giving things away…..


Called According…hello world

Today is the first day of the rest of our life.  If that is true, why not make good use of this day and do something that will make a difference for someone else.?????

Sometimes . . .   when God seems far away and you feel that everyone has turned against you, why not take a deep breath and let your heart make a trip to sit at the feet of Jesus and ask Him this question……Lord, when I feel blue – where are you? 

I know that when I am feeling down and out and the searing heat of anxiety and suffering with pain seems to come in like a flood and  I feel like no body loves me  and I feel like the dust  storms of life are over taking me. I need someone to help me get back up off this icy floor and back into the race.

One day I felt so all alone and that all hope was gone and nothing else bad could possible happen  when  I got a call that  my best friend has fallen and broken her wrist.   My neck feels like it is broken and my heart is sad over the angry mob of demons beating up my family and friends.   WHY DO WE STAND FOR THIS?

The LORD whispered in my ear:   Beloved Child, when you pass through circumstances that threaten to drown you in pain…..when you are persecuted for honoring my name, I will be with you.  In this fallen world, fiery furnaces of all kinds await you and will many times try to over come you, but will you keep your eyes on the prize and follow me into them anyway?  I promise to sustain you no matter what is happening….Trust Me!

Romans 8:28   We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Hello World…Believing Unbeliever

I was reading a wonderful post on believers living up to and doing what they believe God’s Word says. I was also having a conversation with a dear to my heart person in my life who asked me this question; “Why do you use the phrase, ‘believing unbeliever’?

My answer was:   There are so many people in this world who say they believe, but they don’t DO what they say they believe.  They use their will against God’s will and do their will and live by what they ‘will’  to happen in their lives and leave God completely out of the picture even though they say, “Oh, yea! I believe the bible.  I believe in God. I believe in tithing.  I believe you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  But when the trial comes, they balk and start hollering all this gibberish about, “Yea, I know what the bible says, BUT…..   I know what I should do about tithing, BUT…….     I believe in God, BUT …….. I know I should treat him/her/them better, BUT……..

A relative of mine who goes to Church every Sunday morning….and  Wednesday night to eat because the meal is only $2.00, never reads the bible, ‘can’t understand what it say’ is the excuse, told me she didn’t care what the bible says about living with a man she is not married to and does not intend to marry – he is just a convenience to have someone to go eat with, dance with, sit beside her in church so ‘she isn’t there by herself’.  I saw her get angry at a woman and cuss her out over a slight toward her while she was shopping, and she gives a dollar in the plate every Sunday morning…ooopps, one Sunday she gave 2.00.  .  .  .  and she has millions in the bank.   This is the picture of a believing unbeliever.  I am not judging her, there are millions of people just like her and they all think they are believers…..Wake up people!  You are just like satan who fell from heaven because of his I WILL HAVE IT MY WAY!

God does not save you to have it your way.  Only Burger King allows that.  God saves you so you can come back into relationship with Him and have abundant life that will keep you centered in God’s Will.  You repent and give your will to God and He gives you eternal life. More than a fair trade.  You repent and confess you are a sinner, He gives you eternal life later and abundant life now.  What do you have to give up?  Suffering, sin, selfishness to name a few things.   I actually didn’t give up anything.  God made me so happy, I just turned my life over to Him and told Him, What ever you want from me,  You show/tell me what you want me to do, You help me do it and I  will gladly DO  it.  He said “read MY WORD and I will guide you!” Every morning He gives me a fresh start. He tells me to come and drink from the well of belief and faith. He told me that even when I do wrong, He still here for me….Just come and talk to Him..He wants me to tell Him everything that is on my heart.  (He already knows it anyway).   So if I just talk it out with Him, we can work it out together  and deal with whatever takes place.

When I sin or do something wrong, it bothers me and when I tell Him all about it and confess it, He makes me feel better and I know He understands and will help me not to go in that path again.  When I confess and repent, I am forgiven and it is forgotten. He does not hold it against me. He teaches me what to do next time so I don’t do it again.  He heals my broken heart, He heals my mind and my emotions and He makes me clean. I like clean better than dirty.  I like the fresh start. In the beginning it wasn’t as easy as it is now, but the older I get and the more I trust Him – the easier it gets.    Worship is exciting, reading the Word is exciting, praying is exciting and sometimes I am overwhelmed by His mercy and grace.  I am also very thankful for His ever forgiving heart toward this Child.

One day I was just worshiping Him and suddenly I felt this loving  tug on my heart and I heard Him say, “My sweet adorable cheerleader. I love the way you worship Me in truth and Spirit.”…… and I began to shout my love to Him.  I felt wave after wave of the most loving feelings I think I have ever known.  When He touches you, you know it.  Rejoice and be glad!

Hello World…. Friend of God / or / Man

Today I read a post that made me so sad. I was in such pain after reading it that I wanted to cry…. I asked the Lord to give me peace over what I had read and His reply to my request was this:   ‘Beloved, I sent my Son Jesus so that mankind’s life would be more than just  business as usual, more than living day-to-day, struggle to struggle, hand to mouth, week to week.  Life’s struggles to  survive was meant to lead you to the Cross and to a Relationship with My Son.  It was meant to draw you to a longing to see Him and to know Him intimately as Lord as well as Savior.’

God gave us His Word to help us to live our lives preparing for that Day.  He wants us to get ready for His coming back.  When He lives in your heart, you see things differently and know things other people do not understand or know.  He reveals real life to you so you can live according to His will for you and gives you power to do it.  He will renew you mind daily, He will share the abundant life with you, He will fellowship with you and I mean, He takes time to talk to you personally about life with Him.   If you have never heard Him speak to you then you better be careful because spirit’s can speak to you from the realm that isn’t godly.

We should model our lives after the One who gave His life for us. Jesus will return as sure as the sun will rise. We must live as if today will be that day…

Hello World….Today is the first day of the Rest of Your Life

Do you believe in Eternity?

Have you ever thought about how long eternity is?  I guess most of us have no idea what the word means, but yesterday I thought a lot about eternity for some reason. I guess it was the angels I thought I saw about 11 am. as I was praying. I did not see what the pictures depict an angel looks like. What I saw was tiny, tiny lights that were very white and most beautiful. They did not move, just sparkled high above me  for about 10 or 15 minutes. I felt the most wonderful sense of peace that I have ever felt and tears began to flow down my face because my eyes teared up at the beauty of the tiny lights sparkling in the darkness  over my  head close to the ceiling of the building where no lights were  on. As I stood in the darkened room, I just knew that I was not alone, yet I had no idea as to what I was seeing and not seeing….

I stood still and weak in the knees as I watched the tiny lights glow and sparkle and then go completely out…moments later they were back sparkling like diamonds.  This is the day the Lord has made, I thought, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

I may never see anything like that again but I know eternity must be filled with this wonderful peace and diamonds sparkling in the darkness of  the heavens.

Think about it…….

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