Hello World…..Whose your Master Daddy?

That is a strange question some may say….But is it really?    Could we ask it another way?   How about whose your Father?  or whose your Master?     Some would say, “Nobody  is my Master?   and my Father is   Mr. Xman  Bluemane  and I never had a Daddy because he left when I was born!”  

Some may say, “My Father is God, and my Daddy is my daddy at home.”     Some may say, “Father is Master of my life in heaven and Daddy is husband to my mother and master of my home life.”    Some may just get angry and say, “Why are you asking these stupid questions? What does it matter?”

It matters because,  Who ever is your Master is your Father  or Daddy.   We don’t think anyone is our Master, but when it comes down to the end of each day, and think about it,  someone  Masters us all day long.     We are making decisions for good in our life or evil in our life.    OH< NO….. I make my own decisions!, you yell in my ear.  and you probably do. . . . . . .  by the whispers in your ear that you accept and don’t realize that you even heard. – “Go ahead and yell at your wife, husband, child; you can apologize later.’  And you lose control, get angry and yell at your child instead of taking the time to stop and pray and talk to that child about what they are doing wrong…..or scream at that husband, because he is taking the trash out before you finish cleaning up the kitchen,  or that wife for spending more money than the month has….

Anger is your Master.   

Lesson: One O One…     tomorrow we will look at   ‘Weed Master’.

Hello World…..Suddenly it happened

Have you had many ‘suddenly’s’ in your life?

Suddenly the car swerved and hit me broadside…..

Suddenly the child fell and broke an arm…

Suddenly the storm blew up and the roof flew off..

Suddenly my wife/husband decided this marriage was not right for ……

 Suddenly Amnon’s love turned to hate, and he hated her even more than he loved her.

2 Samuel 13:15   “Then Amnon hated her exceeding ; so that the hatred wherewith he hated  her was greater than his love wherewith he had loved her. And Amnon said unto her, “Arise, and be gone.”

Abba is saddened deeply by sin that is happening in this old world. This man Amnon committed a tragic sin by raping this young girl and then throwing her into the streets. Even though this rape happened centuries in the past, it is still happening today… Sin never changes and neither does it consequences…. The wages of sin is death.

However, Beloved, God does not leave nor forsake you when tragic things happen.  He continues to walk with you and talk with you and He will turn it around for good to those who  trust and rely on Him, those who call on Him and ask Him to deliver and set them free. Abba can take the things satan wants to destroy you with and by……..  redeem you from the curse and set you back on the Rock. He can turn your supposed curse into a blessing just by enabling you to help others who have gone through similar circumstances and you become a blessing to others. Don’t let the enemy enlarge his camp around you by bitterness, anger and distrust..

Beloved of God, Abba is always with you in good times and bad times.  ALWAYS ready to take the evil and turn it into good if you continue to put your Trust in the One who made you…

Think about it…..

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