Are You going to H***…Hello World

A question was asked by a very sincere gentleman and the answer he received disturbed me somewhat.   He asked, “If you are a christian and someone comes to take your guns, will you go to hell if you kill that person?”  The answer he got was “you must obey the law of the land and if a law has been passed that says they have the right to take all guns, then you must obey the law of the land….”

Why was I disturbed?   Well, what if the people who are making and changing the laws are not christians and are changing/making the laws to have power over the people to subvert the believing people then by this the law of God supersedes the laws of the land. 

What sends you to hell?   Denying that Jesus is God who was manifest in the flesh, who died on the cross that you can be saved and filled with the spirit will send you to hell….no matter who you are and what else you do.   You must be born again to go to heaven and killing someone trying to take your guns will bring punishment but it won’t sent you to hell. If it did then all the people in the fight against Britain when the people were being forced to worship the KING instead of the God of heaven, would all be in hell today.  But instead they broke away from Great Britain and came to America to set up a nation under God   and they killed a lot of British soldiers in the process.

Freedom is not free.  It cost believers their lives when they fight for themselves and others to be free to worship and live free in a nation that is about to fall under a cloak of humanism….belief that humans can run their own lives and the lives of others with money and power from a man who wants all to be in alliance with his will for them.

God calls us to be mighty warriors –powerful, courageous, self-assured.  But He calls the weak and timid because He can show God’s greatness through them.  It is up to us to take the first step and God will show Himself powerful through our weakness when we obey God to do what He tells us to do in all circumstances.  

Our laws say we have the right to bear arms…if someone changes that law then they are anti-christ because our laws are set up by God from the beginning………

Think about it…. God told Gideon and his men to fight the Midianites and all they had to do under God’s direction was to: GO, STAND, BLOW THE TRUMPETS,  BRAKE THE PITCHERS. HOLD THE LAMPS IN THEIR LEFT HAND,  AND THEY CRIED, THE SWORD OF THE LORD AND OF GIDEON….God had the Midianites to turn their swords on the men of the camp and they killed themselves in the fight…..

People pray and watch God do what He will do to America to bring it back to a Nation Under God…..

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