Whose Treasure are You?…Hello World

Are you stuck in an old life of darkness, trapped in fear of tomorrow and blinded by hopelessness?  Do you feel like you are in bondage to the world, flesh and the devil?  Are you wondering if you are going to make it through the night?  the day?  tomorrow?  If you are in this state of mind, I have good news for you……….

Come you out of this mess and be filled with light, faith, and hope!  You are not stuck in your old life. You can be freed from bondage and be renewed in your mind. Think on the things above where our Lord lives and He will rescue you from the world, the flesh and the devil.  He will give you victory by the power of the Holy Spirit and be blessed with goodness.  Father will transplant you from the land of want into the land of plenty. . . . . .everything you need is in the Father.

He will delivery you from bondage and give you a future filled with honor, glory and abundant life. All He wants is you to obey Him and be His special treasure.  Service to Him brings you a life of love, joy, grace, peace, longsuffering.

Honor Him with obedience and He will pour out His Spirit to bless you as His Treasure among treasures…..   Are you His Treasure and are you holding Him to be yours?

Joshua 24

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