Courage on the Road..hello world

This morning in Church, the Lord God Almighty came down and healings took place in our service. Miracles happened… I received one instantly as I worshiped the Lord.   I have not  been on my blog in a while due to pain from three pinched nerves in my neck and shoulder.  This morning as I stood before the Lord, He said to me:  “Reach up and touch Me and you shall be healed.”

I could not raise my arm for pain – I tried but the pain was so intense that tears began to run down my face and I began to cry aloud.  I continued to try to raise my arm when someone came up behind me and lay their hands on my back and shoulder and started praying in the Spirit for me to have strength. I prayed, ‘Lord, give me strength to obey’,  and I mentally saw my arm reach straight up and then I felt my arm go straight up and there was no pain in the movement.  I began to cry worthy is the Lamb and move my arms back and forth while extended into the heavenly realm holding the hand of Jesus.

I received healing in my neck, shoulder and arm.  I could move it and hold it above my head with no pain.   I rejoiced in God My Salvation and My Healer!

This has been a long journey and a painful one but today I am healed and I am giving God all the glory, honor and praise !!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is Good – all the time God is Good.


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