Hello World…Ways

God loves to visit us …..even when we aren’t expecting Him to.   Remember when the two angels and Jesus showed up at Abraham’s door and brought the message of a Son to him?  Abraham was happy to see, but not quiet there yet with the message he was hearing.  His wife, Sarah, laughed when she heard it.  How can this be, when we are so old?  He will make a way…..

But God’s Word is sure and He said, “At the set time I will return unto you, when the season cometh round and Sarah shall have a son.”  Not just a child, but a son….He told them what the sex of the child would be before she even got pregnant.   God’s Word is sure, for at the season and the set time, Sarah bore Isaac in her old age.  It was an unexpected way, ‘old age’.

God delights in visiting His children and giving them gifts.  God delights in the pleasure of sharing Himself with His children and vice-versa.  He wants us to share in His delight and come to Him and have conversations.  He wants us to pray, read His Word, worship Him in truth and spirit and take pleasure in Him.   He would love to visit us each day and have us to meet with Him each day and open our hearts to receive His Word.   We should make a way everyday to spend time with the Lord.  He might come in an unexpected way to meet with us if we don’t.

Lord, we long for a visit from you.


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