Hello World…. Waiting Time

This entire week has been a waiting time.  It has been a tiring week of things happening, things going on that shouldn’t be, hurting people who are hurting because those close to them are hurting, and the Lord has been relatively quite for some reason this week.

A friend told me she had had the worse week that she can remember in a long time.   I told her I had the least amount of sleep that I had in a  long time.  She laughed and said, “I understand. I understand.”

This afternoon as I was trying to rest before going back to church tonight, I read  my devotional message for the day.

Father told me to cast all my cares on Him because He was big enough to handle it.  He said He knew my worries and how I sometimes let them have the driver seat and then He told me that anxieties sap my energy.  He told me that I had never had a task as big as Noah’s so I needed to let go of the little fox’s because they spoiled the vine.  He then reminded me that my job was to do whatever He told me to do and His job was to make it happen.  Somehow that seemed to take a load off my mind.  I don’t have to make it happen….I don’t have to make it happen….Glory to God in the highest…..I don’t have to make it happen!!!   He told me to just give Him my worries and He would give me His peace because He has it all under control.   Nothing will happen that He does not give me the power to overcome, do, or that He won’t take care of.     Then my husband came up to me and said, “I love you more than anything in the world!” Then he squeezed my hand and walked away……

WOW…. God has it all in control………………

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