Hello World….One Rule

“Beloved, Jesus came a long way from heaven for you. You certainly matter to Him. He came to give you life and life more abundantly. (John 10:10) You are not just a face in a crowd or a number. No, He knows you by name and has a personal love for you. And in spite of the mess which you might be in, He wants to meet your every need and make your life beautiful!”  said  Joseph Prince.

And I agree.   Jesus came a long way just to tell you the mystery of the kingdom of heaven.  So many people want to get into a debate about  that, but you know what?  IT DOES NOT MATTER what you say, He did it and is about to do it again.   I mean, He is coming back and when He does, He won’t be a baby lying in a manger, He will be the King of kings and Lord of lords.  He will set up His kingdom here on earth and rule with a rod of iron.  

When God made man and woman on this earth, He had communion with them every day until the day they hid from Him and He had to ask, “Where are you?”  He knew where they were and He asked to see if they knew where they were.  Before they hid from Him, He walked every day with them. He talked to them, He communed with them in an intimate way.  Personal love for the two He created to be His family.  I am sure that this was His greatest delight to walk and talk with His family in the garden He had made perfect for them.

He only set down one rule.  ONE RULE.  They had to obey only one rule.  Does this not prove His love for them?  They had choice just like we have choice today.  They were walking in a perfect garden, with perfect water, with perfect harmony, with a perfect Father who loved them without condition.  Even when they broke the ONE RULE, He still loved them. He made provision for them and He called out to them   to come out of hiding back to the light.  He brought them back into His presence so He could correct them from the error they had just made.  He taught them that because of their error in judgment they would now have to toil to make a living for themselves.  He would no longer provide at will for them.  Their disobedience brought judgment and they would have to pay for that along with the rest of us until the Son came and died for the sin they committed to make a Way back home.  Faith, believing, opens the door to blood that cleansing from sin.  When you fail at doing what is right, you always want to run and hide.  But God wants you to be free from sin. He provided the blood covering for Adam and Eve and He provides the blood covering for us.

Animals were killed and their skin used for clothes then.  Jesus death, burial and resurrection provides the blood covering for us today.  

And there is still ONE RULE>    OBEY.


Hello World… New Year’s Eve

Hey there ya’ll… It is New Year’s Eve and hubby is watching T.V. and I am blogging.  I had the most remarkable night last night and day today.   You would not believe what  took place with me last night if I told you.   And I am not going to tell you…I am just going to say that this next year is going to be different for me and you. 

Different how, you ask and I am glad you did.   Have you looked in the mirror lately?  Have to sat down and just thought about how your life is going?  Have your friends called you lately and told you that are worried about you?  Or have they just ignored you and not made any attempt to contact you at all?  Do you sometimes feel like you are living in the twilight zone and I don’t mean the one filled with vampires?  I am talking about the Rod Sterling type of Twilight Zone……

Let us look at what has been  going on in America this past year…..   Floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts,  snowstorms, straight-line winds, murders, fiscal cliffs, prices soaring, lighting storms, hail the size of soft-balls, job losses, gas prices, Dow Jones, foreclosures.  Just the normal every year same old, same ole….you say. 

Do you think next year is going to be better or worse than this year?  Does it matter what you think? 

I would like to present this ‘think’ to you.   What if I told you that you are God’s masterpiece of creation?  God’s crowning jewel and that you are worth more to God than the earth, the sky, the animals, the trees, oceans, grass, or anything that is made.  You are made in His image and you are greater than and more valuable than the butterflies and bees and birds.   You are the most precious creation because you are unique from all things great and small that God has created.  You are special to Him because He made you in His image and gave you a human spirit that He wants to energize with His Holy Spirit that you may know Him. ….  not just know about Him but that you may know HIM.  It is your choice this new year to think and then ask; “God, may I know you this year?  May I be able to see you this year?”     How can you see God?  The Word says, ‘ the pure in heart shall see God.’ It is so easy to see God, all you have to do is ask, seek and knock.  He will guide you to the place where you shall see Him.

I believe that this next year people are going to get what ever they ask for; only it is not going to be exactly like what you are asking for because of the way you are thinking.    This year, people, it is time to be still and know that you must think before you speak.  Think before you do.  Think it through and then pray and ask for His Will.   His will for you is what you want.  So stop and think it through, then ask in faith and say it correctly so that you will be blessed in what you are asking for.

Happy New Year!

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