Hello World….Dreams

                Sometimes you hold back and you don’t talk very openly about Jesus Christ because you know that’s controversial. Listen, don’t hold back! That’s the power for answered prayer – Jesus’ Name. It’s the power that clarifies the real issue to people. Jesus is who they have to deal with. You’re not deciding about my belief. You’re deciding about Jesus. That’s where the power is to change lives.   Daily Bible Guide 

That is a direct quote from a site on the internet that stated the reason people don’t speak up. I don’t have the power to change anyone in any way.  I can only tell you what He did for me, is doing for me and what I believe He will do for me in the future.  I have to deal daily with my life before Him and if I am doing what I think He wants me to do.   You have to deal with Him and your life in your own way.  My best friend told me that for years, she would hear the Lord speaking to her and she would listen and within hours forget what He had said to her.  She said it bothered her so much that she decided to get a pen and notebook and write down what He was saying to her and write down her prayers. She told me that action changed her life.  She could remember what He was telling her and she could go back and see the answers to prayers she had prayed.  I do the same now, because I forget things if I don’t write them down.  Like a dream I had a couple of weeks ago. 

I had a dream that He told me to tell my class at Sunday School. I got ready, took my bible and got there early so I could write down my dream to tell the class. Then I thought, I will remember it. They will be in class in about 15 minutes.  Class started, I remembered and told everyone, “as soon as everyone gets seated, I have to tell you about this dream I had last night.”  We did our morning prayers, prayer request, took up the Sunday School offering and I told them I would tell them about the dream after we finished the lesson for the morning.  We finished the lesson and it was almost time to dismiss class so I told them I would tell them next Sunday Morning. As soon as church was over, I would write down the dream I thought. 

When I got home from church, I thought about the dream and told my husband not to let me forget to write down the dream I had last night. “OK.” he said to me. Right before bedtime, he said, ‘did you write down the dream?’  I said, “What dream?”  He said, “The one you asked me to remind you to write down.”  I stood there for a moment and racked my brain. . . . . . .   the dream was gone.

Still to this day, I can not remember the dream.  When He tells me/you something,  we need to either do it right then or write it down so we can remember what He told us. The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy and he does.  The enemy stole God’s dream right from me because I didn’t obey as I was told. 

What is it that He is asking you to do daily?  Where is He leading you?  When are you going to get on the path and do it? Why aren’t you running the race as He directed?    How many times is it going to take for you to catch the dream and fly with it?

Ask, Knock, Seek.


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