Hello World…In Deed and Truth

             Are you God’s Child?  If you are, He has a word for you:  

You are my Child by faith, and your faith shows itself in how you live. Your deep faith in Me causes you to act to serve a brother or sister in need, to offer a second chance to someone who has offended you, to go where I send you.  And because of My willing sacrifice for you, faith even motivates you to be willing to lay down your life for a friend.     I can see in your heart that your love is more than words..It shows up in your life,  your actions, your reactions, your attitudes.  Your desire to serve Me, honors Me. As you love in deed and in truth, you show a watching world my kind of love……love that lasts.      HC

We should heed His Words of love to us. We should read it daily and we should obey as He calls us to His Father heart.  Life would be so much better in this old world if people could get the vision  God wants to give to us daily. We should be glad and rejoice.    Abba, Thank you for loving us. Your love is amazing!   Let me not forget that sometimes we entertain angels unaware.  Clothe me in obedience as I walk in your amazing love.

1 John 3:18


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