Hello World…Believing Unbeliever

I was reading a wonderful post on believers living up to and doing what they believe God’s Word says. I was also having a conversation with a dear to my heart person in my life who asked me this question; “Why do you use the phrase, ‘believing unbeliever’?

My answer was:   There are so many people in this world who say they believe, but they don’t DO what they say they believe.  They use their will against God’s will and do their will and live by what they ‘will’  to happen in their lives and leave God completely out of the picture even though they say, “Oh, yea! I believe the bible.  I believe in God. I believe in tithing.  I believe you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  But when the trial comes, they balk and start hollering all this gibberish about, “Yea, I know what the bible says, BUT…..   I know what I should do about tithing, BUT…….     I believe in God, BUT …….. I know I should treat him/her/them better, BUT……..

A relative of mine who goes to Church every Sunday morning….and  Wednesday night to eat because the meal is only $2.00, never reads the bible, ‘can’t understand what it say’ is the excuse, told me she didn’t care what the bible says about living with a man she is not married to and does not intend to marry – he is just a convenience to have someone to go eat with, dance with, sit beside her in church so ‘she isn’t there by herself’.  I saw her get angry at a woman and cuss her out over a slight toward her while she was shopping, and she gives a dollar in the plate every Sunday morning…ooopps, one Sunday she gave 2.00.  .  .  .  and she has millions in the bank.   This is the picture of a believing unbeliever.  I am not judging her, there are millions of people just like her and they all think they are believers…..Wake up people!  You are just like satan who fell from heaven because of his I WILL HAVE IT MY WAY!

God does not save you to have it your way.  Only Burger King allows that.  God saves you so you can come back into relationship with Him and have abundant life that will keep you centered in God’s Will.  You repent and give your will to God and He gives you eternal life. More than a fair trade.  You repent and confess you are a sinner, He gives you eternal life later and abundant life now.  What do you have to give up?  Suffering, sin, selfishness to name a few things.   I actually didn’t give up anything.  God made me so happy, I just turned my life over to Him and told Him, What ever you want from me,  You show/tell me what you want me to do, You help me do it and I  will gladly DO  it.  He said “read MY WORD and I will guide you!” Every morning He gives me a fresh start. He tells me to come and drink from the well of belief and faith. He told me that even when I do wrong, He still here for me….Just come and talk to Him..He wants me to tell Him everything that is on my heart.  (He already knows it anyway).   So if I just talk it out with Him, we can work it out together  and deal with whatever takes place.

When I sin or do something wrong, it bothers me and when I tell Him all about it and confess it, He makes me feel better and I know He understands and will help me not to go in that path again.  When I confess and repent, I am forgiven and it is forgotten. He does not hold it against me. He teaches me what to do next time so I don’t do it again.  He heals my broken heart, He heals my mind and my emotions and He makes me clean. I like clean better than dirty.  I like the fresh start. In the beginning it wasn’t as easy as it is now, but the older I get and the more I trust Him – the easier it gets.    Worship is exciting, reading the Word is exciting, praying is exciting and sometimes I am overwhelmed by His mercy and grace.  I am also very thankful for His ever forgiving heart toward this Child.

One day I was just worshiping Him and suddenly I felt this loving  tug on my heart and I heard Him say, “My sweet adorable cheerleader. I love the way you worship Me in truth and Spirit.”…… and I began to shout my love to Him.  I felt wave after wave of the most loving feelings I think I have ever known.  When He touches you, you know it.  Rejoice and be glad!


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