Hello World….Tradegy in Conn….

How does one cope with tragedy of the magnitude that went on the Connecticut?  How does a Mom cope with the loss of her beloved child in the face of someone who destroys the life of the little one that you so dearly love and have cared for over the years?  How do you go on and know that the sun will come up again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow?  I recently lost my only child and this is how I learned to cope.

My Father is a loving Father-God and He knows the pain of loosing an only child.   He gives a word to those going through what He has already gone through as well as I have.

Child of my heart,  the world is filled with so many evils, temptations and losses.  People who hate others as well as themselves, the love of money, the quest for power, the loss of loved ones. All of these can lead you away from Me who knows what you are going through. It can lead you away from faith and on to a path toward that  evil which has attacked your peace in life.  You are My Beloved Child—A sheep from my own fold.

One who is more than able to over-come any obstacle with My help. Run into My arm and let me comfort you…Understand that in this world, you will have tribulation, but I have over come the World, the Flesh and the devil.  When you run into My arms, I will empower you to chase after stronger faith, deeper love, and I will empower you to perservear in the face of evil and overcome the temptations to take it into your own hands.  Remember, ‘vengeance is mine’, says the Lord.   Take My peace and let me lead you in the fruit of the Spirit:  LOVE.    I know right now, it is hard to love the one who has damaged your family and your heart. But I will empower you if you will run into My sheltering arms for I lovingly provide for my sheep.   Persue Me, Beloved Child and let Me take the stress of all that has gone on before you.

I will help you, make you a overcomer with the peace that passes all understanding.  Trust Me.

1 Timothy 6:11-12



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