Hello World….Jacob’s likes… dislikes

Over the weekend, my grand babe,  4-year-old Jacob climbed up in my lap and we  (hubby Bill, sister Jan, daughter Hope and I) sat around the kitchen table and talked about what we liked and disliked about the things going on in this old world.  He sat quietly, wrapped up in my arms, for several minutes listening intently to us talk.  Suddenly, he smiled that smile and his  mouth went into overtime telling us to ‘be quiet and let him tell us what he likes and dislikes about his Mommy.’   I sat him up  straight in my lap and asked him, “Jacob, what do you like best about your Mommy and give me 10 things you like about her.”  I had a pad and pen laying on the table and as he began to speak, I listed each item.

Number 1 and 2:     Hugs and kisses

Number 3:    She feeds me good food

Number 4:    She lets me talk on the phone to granny and my friends

Number 5:    She tells me what to do.

Number 6:    She takes me to school every day.

Number 7 and 8:    She snuggles with me at bedtime when she reads  me a book

Number 9:     She asks  me questions.

Number 10:   I just like her in my heart all the time.

He was so happy to tell us this and we all laughed at how animated he was in his telling.  I then asked him this question, “Jacob, tell me 10 things you don’t like about your Mommy.”  and this was his response.

Number 1:     Don’t like it when mommy gets mad.

Number 2:    Don’t like her to yell.

Number 3:    Don’t like her to spank me.

Number 4:    Don’t like her to put peanut butter on me…(She puts a dab on the end of his nose like she does the dog when she is playing with him.)

Number 5:    Don’t like her to ‘glue’ chip on me.   (She gives him chips to eat and when he finishes, if he hasn’t eaten  all the chips, she licks them and sticks them to his forehead playing with him) 

Number 6:    Don’t like her to put ‘glue’ on me….. (Spit on a napkin to wipe dirt or smudge off him)

Number 7:    Don’t like to be locked in jail….   ??????  (she had no idea what he meant by that…he has never been to a jail.)

Number 8:    Don’t like mommy to   lock me  outside.     (They have a fenced in backyard and on cleaning day, she puts both boys outside in the yard and locks the sliding glass door so she can clean house and watch them at the same time.)

Number 9:    Don’t like mommy to put jelly on me…. (When putting jelly on pancakes, she sometimes wipes a smudge on his cheeks or lips or the end of his nose…playing with him.)

Number 10:   Don’t like mommy putting cheeto’s on me.  (When eating sandwiches with cheeto’s, she sometimes dips them in coke and  sticks them on his cheeks or the back of his hands as she is cleaning up, playing with him)

We all laughed as he finished his dislikes and he smiled like he had the most fun telling his story. With that little face beaming like he had won an academy award, I asked him if there were any more secrets he wanted to tell and he  smiled the biggest smile and said, “Nope, that is everything I like and dislike about Mommy.”     Grandpa smiled and ruffed his hair and said, “Well, boy, you seemed to enjoy telling all that about your Mommy.”  He smiled bigger and said, “I did, I sure did!”

What fun it is to include the little ones in the conversation and see the joy of them thinking they have taken a step into the adult world when all the time, we took a step into the world of a child and learned some things we didn’t know;     just by listening…….

Psalms 127:3


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