Hello World….Rejoice Be Glad

WOW!   God is so good  — all the time He is good.  

Beloved, God loves to surprise us with His grace, mercy and bounty–so abundant is His grace and mercy and bounty that we sometimes fail to see the answer right before our very eyes.   He is God and He can do anything…… …… Can you imagine the love light in His eyes as He watches us receive   the answer  to our prayers and as He hears the joy and gladness  in our voices as we praise and   worship Him for the answers coming forth?

We are quick to ask, but not patient in waiting for the answers.          Years ago, I prayed for my husband to become the Mighty Man of God that I know He can be.      I am still praying for that prayer to be answered. 

Yesterday, I wondered if I was praying the wrong prayer… Should I be asking for Him to become the Mighty Man of God that God knows He is and just begin to thank God that  my husband is what    God says he is and stop fretting when I see him mad and angry, cussing and throwing things. 

Today I asked God:  “Why is he still like he was 30 years ago. And this is the answer I got.

       He is not the same man he was 30 years ago, he is a better man, but he still has a lot of rough edges to  be ground off.  Also, I use his rough edges to polish you, my Child.  When you stop fretting and fall into constant rejoicing  in all things, you will see the glory of the Lord go before you.   Stop praying and start rejoicing in WHO he is right now and watch Me change him into what he is becoming.  You expect a miracle by believing it is done and you won’t be disappointed. 

God, I believe You can do all I ask of you.  I rejoice in this right now!


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