Hello World…..Selah’s Love

As I sit here contemplating the rest of this day, I feel Selah’s warm body settling down in my lap.  It does not matter where I sit down, or why, she is right there wanting me to hold her and rub her little back and head with my hand.  She climbs up on me, lays her 4 lb little self down on my chest and places her head on my shoulder as if she were a child and puts the ‘I am relaxed = why don’t you do the same?’  move on me.

She is so sure of my love and ability to hold on to her that she does not tense up when I stand up. She just relaxes in my arms and is confident that I will carry her close and not lose her in the up’s and downs of life. Her big black eyes look at me with such love and care; she bows her head when I pray and she sits quietly as I read my bible aloud.  

The other day, I was dancing around the living room, praising the Lord and she was sitting on the back of the sofa and as I twirled around the corner, she made a leap into my chest.  My arms were extended in front of me, but my eyes were closed so I did not see her making the leap.  As she hit my chest, my arms closed around her and she was where she wanted to be………in my arms dancing before the Lord. 

As I reflected later on what had taken place, I thought about how the Lord must love it when we put our trust in Him to the point we take a leap of faith into the unseen arms that are extended to  us daily……  How He must smile when we snuggle into His lap to rest in Him……How He must take joy in His children as we relax in His arms confident that He will carry us through and keep us close to His Father-heart day in and day out. 

I read once that God’s love is not a fortress designed to keep people out but a hedge of protection around those who trust in Him.   His love invites you to take risks, to reach across the divide and embrace even those things you fear or don’t understand.   We need to give grace and mercy, trust and love to those around us…..This is the first commandment with promise.

You shall love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind and you shall love  your neighbor as yourself. 

Father, may my love and actions speak always of YOUR love . . . . . . . .


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