Hello World….New Beginning

Recently I have been thinking about something most people don’t think about at all or very rarely.

Death.        I was talking to someone who said they were afraid to die and terrified that they were going too.  They wondered if I could tell them what I thought about  death and I told them I would get back to them.   I really needed to pray about it and not jump in and just give my opinion.

I have been saved a long time and I never think about death as something that is to be afraid of.  When people die, if they are saved, I don’t get all bent out of shape because I really believe they are not dead. Death, to me, is a transition from one life to another.  Like walking through a vail from here to there. . . . . .   I know someone is going to say, “You are crazy and don’t know what you are talking about. Everyone dies and death is dead.”     

Well, it may be to you, but I have actually been there and I wasn’t dead on the other side. I could still see, feel, hear and I was more alive there than here because I did not feel any pain, just peace that I can not explain……love that was so intense that  all I could do was experience it…..I can’t explain it.

I believe in God and I believe that God lives in me. That I am His home here on the earth because the Holy Spirit lives in me.  I believe that death is not the end, but a new beginning for those who truly love and believe in the one true God. We are His creation and it is His breath that keeps us alive in this present world.  In the next one, we don’t have to breath because we are Spirit-beings. . . . . . . . just like Him.      When we leave this earth  and walk through the veil that we must pass through, we will return to our spirit-life if we are born again. 

I heard someone say one time, ‘we are just spirit-beings having a human experience before we go home.’  Sounded good, but what if,  we are human beings designed to have a spiritual experience on earth and we are supposed to make a decision here and learn to live abundantly in obedience to a Spirit Father while on this earth so we can live loving one another in the proper manner there when we walk through the veil???  What if the resurrection of the Son is our guarantee of new life and we miss it because we fail to look for the Father here?  

I know someone is going to say, ‘ that means a lot of people are going to hell if there is only one way.’  BUT what if it is possible for everyone to know the truth that will set them free just by asking??  “Well, who do you ask?”, you ask.  I am glad you asked.    Why not just ask God?  Everyone in the world believes something made this world, or someone made this world. If they don’t then they are already too far gone to get on the right road.  Some One had to begin this old world…. So why not just ask out loud,  “Whoever you are, God or  Nature, reveal TRUTH to me.  Who are you?”   

I believe you will get an answer from the One True God and it is up to you to believe what He tells you. Be still and know He is God and He will answer you.

Death in Him is a new beginning as far as I am concerned.


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