Hello World…Waiting

How do you feel about waiting?     I just had a bright idea and wondered if other people felt the same way I feel about waiting?  I put on a happy face when I am waiting but sometimes my heart does not feel the same way.   Sometimes the difficulty of waiting makes me mad and sometimes it even makes me sick.  Waiting for something you are praying for to take place can be difficult.  Does God understand how we feel waiting on Him to answer our prayers,  give us that great job we want,  save our husband from himself as well as from hell?   Today, I heard Him speak to me and this is what I heard:

         Child, I know how difficult waiting can be. I waited 26 years for you to admit your need of a Savior. I wait each day for you to come meet with Me.  I know how you feel when you wake up in the morning and turn over to another day, because I hear you whisper, “Oh, God, another rainy day.”  I listened as Noah and his family woke up for 40 days and nights to rain pelting their home away from home.  I hear you sigh loudly when that husband gets mad and curses the people who cut him off in traffic.  I hear my daughters all across the earth crying because that husband, or boy friend cheated on them again.   I see the pain of your everyday life because I live in you not out there in the cosmos among the stars…..  I know your pain, I feel your hot tears, I hear you pray and I watch you wait.    Why don’t you just trust me to make it happen in My time and you rest in my peace that passes all understanding.  I will give you grace for each day and you trust Me to see you through and answer all your prayers.  OK?

My answer and hopefully yours too is:    Yes Lord, OK!

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