Hello World… People need people

Do people need you?

Do they need you to be there for them in the good times and the bad times?  Are  you able to walk with them on their journey down the paths of rejoicing and sadness?   Can you identify with the good and the bad in people’s’ lives or do you only identify with the good?    Can you walk in darkness with someone and not stumble?   Can you pray without ceasing?   Can you mourn with those who have lost loved ones?   Can you help the needy when their money runs out?   Can you be a friend to the unfriendly ones who hurt your feelings over and over and over?  Can you comfort someone who needs a comforting Word?  Can you do this and keep your head held high?  Can you be in the presence of evil and not fall?

You can if you know the Savior and are obedient to His every Word!   His Word and love never ends and never grows weary.  He will give you the strength, energy, resources, gladness, wisdom, light, friendship, and ability to overcome all things.

People need people who know the Lord.


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