Hello World….Laughter is Medicine

How do you live with excruciating pain?   How do you live with depression, obsession, possession?   How do you live with someone who will not  leave you alone, who keeps calling and asking for you to do what they want instead of letting you live the life God has called you too?  How do you keep going when your daily bread is stale and your pain is beyond help by human hands?

My Father said;    Trust in Me.  Do as I say each moment and all indeed shall be well.  Follow out My commands, Let Me be in divine control, and give Me unquestioning obedience—- these are the only conditions of supply being ample for your needs and those of others. Whatever I set before you, I will supply strength to go through.  The commands are Mine and the supply is Mine  and I give you strength to endure, the power to over come but your part is to be My disciple and adapt to the call on your life.

My Child, have no fear!  Because you are My Child, you are already the winner so endure and go forth with love, joy and laughter. Radiant joy will bring the changes you desire as you obey and pray.

Lord, give me strength to endure, the power to overcome and the ability to laugh in spite of what is going on around me and in me……


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