Hello World…Love Never Ceases

Love never ceases.   

I had a very old and close friend tell me that she did not feel loved.  To hear her tell it “Nobody loves me and I don’t feel love from anyone at all.’   I sat for a long time thinking about that comment and went back  47 years in knowing her and being her friend, and taking care of her when she could not take care of herself, and being there when she needed someone to talk to, cry on my shoulder, take her places and go places with her when no one else would, sit up half the night with her when she was having  ‘lovelife’ problems, going to church with her and praying for her all these years.  I listened as she told me that her daughter and granddaughter did not love her and didn’t come to see her but once or twice a year and only when they wanted something.  I heard her tell me that she could not feel love from me even though she believed I must love her to put up with her but she just could not  feel anything from anyone, not even God.

She told me she could not understand the Word of God. She could not understand people and the way they acted. She didn’t like anyone talking ‘down’ to her or telling her anything wrong with her because it was not her but everyone else in the world.  She said she didn’t love the man who left her, that man that she was not married too but was living with who treated her like a piece of trash most of the time, she loved her husband who had died 14 years ago and she always would. She said nobody understands what she is going through since he died and never would.  She would mourn his death for the rest of her life and she didn’t care what people thought about it. And then I opened my mouth and told her the truth.

‘The reason you don’t feel love is that you don’t give love.  You give orders and you give commands and you give everyone a really hard time when they are around you if they don’t agree with everything you say and do.  You are barking, cursing, and telling everyone about your problems and you don’t have any sympathy for anyone unless they are giving you sympathy first.   God is love and He loves you all the time.  If you don’t feel it, it is because you are not giving Him any love.   I give you love and care all the time but you don’t show love back.  You take but you don’t give love.   The reason is:   You are reaping what you sow.

Long story short.   She does not want me back in her house, she does not want to talk to me ever again. She has not answered a single phone call since that came out of my mouth and you know what?   On my part, love never ceases.   I love her just like I always did.   I pray for her like I always did.  I know that God will work it out, He always does.

Friends and family……if you want to feel love, then you must give love. You must show that you love others even if they don’t show it to  you….  God does it all the time and He expects nothing less from His Children.   How can you tell if someone is His child?         Love never ceases……..

Thank you Lord for your Spirit of Truth and for filling us with your love.  Thank you that the Spirit of the Lord works in the dead-soul that it  may live and have life more abundantly…..as you raise us from death to life.



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