Hello World….Love Letters

I  love to write.  I love writing to my friends, and I love getting answers to my letters.. However, I have found that I write more than I use to and get fewer answers.  I asked the Lord about this and His answer back to me made me smile.  He said he had written a lot of letters to His creation and a lot of His creation bought the book, sat it on the coffee table and never opened it.   I know how it feels to write letters and get no answers.  I write emails to my friends and in the last week, out of all the emails I sent, I only got one answer back from someone who consistently answers my emails.

This morning I called a close friend and asked her if I could come see her today and her answer was, “NO>”  I asked why and she hung up on me and then put her phone off the hook.  I called her daughter to find out what was wrong with her mom and she said, “Today is Daddy’s birthday and she is not talking to anyone and does not want to see anyone because she is still ‘in mourning’ after 15 years of Dad being dead. She is taking everything to the extreme because she thinks ‘nobody loves her’ so she is pushing everyone away so she can get attention to herself.”   I said, “Well, lately she has been pushing everyone away saying that no one loves her and she does not feel love from anyone, but actually she does not give love to anyone.”   She told me that it has been going on for 15 year and longer.  She just showed people what she wanted them to see when around her.”

I asked the Lord about this situation and His answer made me sad, yet it gave me understanding into the mind of those who a blown about with every wind that comes along. This is what He said to me:

I wrote a book of love letters to My creation and I gave each of My children, believers and unbelievers, an inquisitive mind.  Now, don’t you go questioning the words, My Children.  All of My creation are My children, believer and unbeliever.  You were all unbelievers after Adam and Eve  disobeyed My Word.  Then I sent My Son to make a way for all unbelievers to become believers and I gave all children a choice and an inquisitive mind.  I gave all My children understanding and wisdom to search the love letters I dictated to men down through your time and many have picked up My love letters and searched for the answer to the old question of, “is this all there is?”     The Children who refuse to accept an opinion purely at face value but keep searching for TRUTH will find the truth, the way and the life they are searching for.   I wrote My Word with My children in mind….the book of Life and Love is your open door to heaven on earth and heaven in heaven.  The two are one and the same only separated by faith.

Do you remember the prayer?   ….the ones the disciples asked Me to teach them to pray and I said, ‘Our Father, who is in heaven, holy is your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven………’   I desire that My will be done on earth just as it is done in heaven but it is My Children’s choice to do it.  I desire that you search for truth and meaning to your life.  I desire that you study my book of life for my Word gives you life. I give you wisdom and I guide you into all truth, but you have the choice to make.   Read and study……  OR…..   Go about living a life you make up for yourself.  In My beautiful book, that I wrote just for you, I tell you about My Son’s sacrifice for you and how He defeated the enemy of your soul and spirit.  He not only defeated Satan, He defeated death.   I tell you how to obtain eternal life and I explain My wonderfully amazing plans for you and the life I have directed to be your abundant life and for you to achieve total happiness and joy and be part of My plan to bring others home with you.  As My children study My word, I will give you the life, the way, the truth and the guidance you need to go into My Kingdom.  My kingdom in within you and as you travel into My kingdom within, you will find My purpose  for you.   All I long for is for you to desire Me as much as I desire you.  Spend time in My love letters to you, read and reread My love letters and listen to My heart speak to your heart with grace and wisdom.   I speak to you daily, can you not trust and reply?

I love you.


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