Hello World…. Disagreements

Sometimes I wonder why this old world can’t come to some kind of agreement with God on what is necessary to run this world so that everyone can be happy, healthy and well fed every day.   Then this thought came to me:   “Nobody can agree on anything!”

People have to learn to agree to disagree and still be friends.  So many people today are on a quest to find happiness, yet when the going gets rough and the two can’t agree on what should be done to ease   the roughness, a huge disagreement takes place and sometime divorce, war, murder, fighting, cause it to become impossible to “fix it”.  WHY< I ask you is everyone trying to be so difficult with one another. ?????

Why can’t people be gracious with one another ???   Do you know what GRACE means?   What gracious means?

Let us look up the word in the dictionary.    

Grace:   The act of  being generous or helpful, good will.   Used in a sentence:  His grace was to give  the papers to us so as to be helpful in answering our questions.   Theology: Divine love and protection bestowed freely upon mankind  by God.

Gracious:   Characterized by kindness and warm courtesy, merciful compassionate  pleasing.   Used in a sentence:  His gracious act was to give us the papers to show us his love.

Deceive:  To delude or mislead, to catch by guile, ensnare, It involves falsehood or the deliberate concealment or misrepresentation of truth with intent to lead another into error or to disadvantage.  Used in a sentence:   He deliberately hid the papers to keep the truth from being told so he would lead others into error or disadvantage.

Deceptive:   Intending or tending to deceive, disingenuous.   Used in a sentence:   His deceptive ways kept the truth hidden until he got the advantage over you.

Wow…..if we could just come to love one another and love God —  we could learn to be graceful to and with one another.   Even if we are so dumb we don’t understand, God’s grace could work through us and in walking the walk and talking the talk, we could learn to be graceful to one another and love one another and become human again.

Animals fight and devour one another and themselves.  Humans were made to love one another and to be kind, peaceful and loving.  Grace is sufficient if you truly know God.  When you see someone walking in anger and hate, you know that person is becoming the nature of his anger.   When you see people walking in love, one toward another, you see that person becoming the nature of His God. 

What does your life reflect?     God  is  good……all the time He is good.  You can’t blame the ills of this world on Him…He created it good…..Another nature came on the scene and brought hate, anger, killing, murder…..Which  nature do you reflect?????

Think about it…….


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