Hello World…Death produces What?

Do you have life?   Real life?  Life that is satisfactory to where you are going,  what you are doing?   Are you happy in this life?  Are you asking, ‘death produces what?’

    Truly, truly, I say unto you, except a kernel  of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit.    John 12:24

For a long time this verse had bothered me.   How can something dead bring forth much fruit….. and then I saw the light?  This was an allegory on New Life.    New Life comes from the death of the old life and you can not physically die to cause this to happen.   You must look at the wheat seed as your  life.  When you plant  seed, you must plow the ground, place the seed in the dirt, water it and the soil will do the work to destroy it, so that this single seed can sprout and produce more seed or fruit.   When you begin to look at your life and see  death in this way you are beginning to   rethink your situation and life.  Do you know what death produces? Let us look at a person from the past:

This person was a mean, hateful, cursing, drinking,   X-rated movie addict by night and a sweet elite one as needed, demure clean-cut human being by day.  Lost as a goose in a storm, didn’t believe in anything concerning heaven, hades or anything in between.   Detested people except for only chosen few who were of the same spirit.   We will call this person  the ‘Elite One” so as not to name names and cause any discomfort to them.   I will not say whether they are male or female, red, yellow, black or white.  The Elite One was a very unhappy individual and expressed that by the way they talked to other people.  

The Elite One had a mom and dad, brothers and sisters and did not care much for any of them.  Anytime the family was around, the EO, as I will say from here on, always got into an argument with someone over something no matter how trivia the matter.   Holidays were miserable, birthdays were worse,  life was a fight every time EO was present.   One day a member of the family told EO, we are not going to be coming back to any family outings or holiday celebrations.  EO didn’t care and said so.  EO began to lose friends, family members stopped calling, workers that were close began to move on to other friends and EO became alone except for the spouse who was of the same spirit and loved the fights and arguments and movies.

One day EO was sitting in the kitchen having a cuss  fight with spouse and got up angry and said many things later regretted but could not take back.   EO just knew spouse was going to leave and then  ‘ all alone am I’ was going to be a way of  life.   They parted ways for 24 hours, but spouse came back and said, “No way am I leaving, there is  the  door if you want to go, if not learn to live with it.”  EO could not believe spouse came back and decided to live with it. 

EO realized that living like the devil was causing a living nightmare all around and it was getting to be more than EO could tolerate.  EO fell on the knee and called out to  the savior and got gloriously saved and became a new person.   EO looked with open eyes at the Son of the living God.  The One and only Son that died an excruciating physical death. EO began to read the bible and realized that Jesus had lived on the earth.  He went about  life telling people that He could make life worth the living,  if they would believe  Him  and read His Word and learn of His life and accept what He did  for them……EO  went to Him just as EO was for new life and He gave it without any hesitation.  EO learned the pleasures of life were in the Son and that He was a giver.   A giver of abundant life.   EO was no longer afraid to die, realizing that the kernel was the life, dead and without hope, unless it was planted in the dirt and watered by the Water of Life.  Dying was laying the life of hatred and cursing, drinking, x-rated movies down and picking up the Book to learn what life was all about and begin living according to abundant life explained by the One who created EO. 

EO told me:    I looked at my life and hated it.   I felt anger and hated it   I looked all around me and finally knew ‘there is a hell and I am living in it.  The only way out of this was to lay down in the dirt of my life and let the Son water me with His word so I could grow up and bring forth fruit.

EO grew old.  EO has abundant life and many, many friends and EO’s family came back to this loving person because they saw the change.  Death produced life for EO.

My last word on this is;   if your life has any similarities to EO’s life and you don’t  like the life you were born with, try being born again and see how that works for you.


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