Hello World…..Our Stories Today

Our Stories

 John 3:30    He must increase – I must decrease

 When My Father sent Brother John to bring the Gospel to the people, He placed John in the wilderness to teach him and grow him up.  He gave John the great honor as the forerunner of the Messiah.  John came to tell the people, ‘there is One to come who is greater than I and He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit.”    John was sent to prepare the hearts of his followers for the coming of the promised One Savior and he must not take on the role of savior, but point others to the Son of the living God for Jesus was and is the Savior.

 Beloved, God has given each of us an appointment and we can touch the lives of others and point them to the Son of God.  We each know what He has done in our lives and it is a story that only we can tell accurately.  It is the story of grace greater than we can truly understand and power to overcome any enemy that comes our way; a story unlike anyone else’s, because it is special to you, His special creation. It does not matter how young you are or how old you are.  Your story is special. 

 A unique person tells your story to another unique people. Everyone He sends into your path is an opportunity to tell your story.  He will send certain people across your path  – souls He has selected who need to hear from you what He has done in your life.  Our stories are for His glory.  Your story, His story told together will bring others into the Kingdom that cannot be seen by the naked eye for the Kingdom of God is within you.

 Sovereign Lord, thank you for giving each of us a unique story, one that only we can tell with Your help!

 I pray today for each person hearing, listening to You speak to their hearts that they will open the mouth you so lovingly gave us so you can fill it up with the Word given to our hearts each day. I pray for the one hearing to have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying and that all may know the Truth that shall set them free.



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