Hello World…Focus on Him

Where is your focus today?   Is it on how much you have to do?  What needs to be done around the house or the people who are depending on you to get it done?

Why don’t we just focus on Him and see what He is doing and get in there and do it with Him?   God knows how busy we are and what we have to do today so why not just rest in Him and remember that we can’t do it without Him.  Remember that button on your computer when it freezes up,  REFRESH;  mine looks like to arrows pointing in opposite directions.  That is how I feel sometimes during the day when the business catches up with me.

Abba Father has given us a whole day to rest, why don’t we take advantage of it weekly and be like Jesus?  Going to that place of rest, bowing our heads in worship, getting quite before the Lord will not only remind us of the Love He has for us, but it will bring lightness of spirit and remove the burdens of the day, give us needed rest and relaxation of Spirit and help us put all things into perspective. 

Worship the Lord today and rest in Him…..

Lord, I will be in Church Sunday worshiping and resting in you. Help me to be still and know that You are God and You live big in this temple!


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  1. Berenice
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 13:10:16

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