Hello World…Yesterday, Today, And

Yesterday I got up with a headache that I had for 5 days. I had told my sister, “Jan, I don’t think I can keep going with this headache.” But I went about my day doing the usual Sunday things:  Sunday School Teaching, Church, dinner, cleaning, supper and back to Sunday night church then bath, bed and sleep.  Just before Church started, while the Praise Team was practicing, I went into the sanctuary to pray for the morning service.  As I was praying, I felt  the headache stop and I began praising the Lord, suddenly I began shouting and jumping  because My Abba Father touched  me and healed me completely of the head pain.  Great and wonderful day, right?   Yes it was and this morning I wake up with laryngitis and unable to talk.  What happened over night? Good question so I asked Father,  “Lord what happened over night to change from a wonderful day to a new day and I can not even talk.  …don’t feel bad, just no voice and tired like ‘lets stay in bed today’……  His reply was:

         Precious One, do you know who is responsible for your life?   Sometimes you live as if it’s you and you alone—-a surefire path to exhaustion, isolation and bitterness.  But I say to you, Child, you belong to me and you are my responsibility. So trust in my goodness. I will only work good in your life.  Trust also in My greatness , because I can do anything. Orchestrating the details of your life is no  more difficult than setting the planets in their orbits—-and I did that with ease.   I know you can’t talk today and I know that you need to rest.   So take this day and stay off the phone and just do for yourself for an entire day….Spend this day – just you and Me….Yes, you can do your post and as soon as you do….no more computer today either.  JUST REST – turn off everything except your time with Me.  Follow the example of my servant Mary, who willingly entrusted herself to me in a time when she least understood my plans. Have faith in Me and Me alone. Remember:  when you feel stressed, nothing thrills Me more than hearing you say, “Lord, I am your servant. I place myself and my life in your hands.            

Taking  time for me today Lord?  Oh, thank you for reminding me to take some time for me.  For the past two weeks, I have been running to and fro taking care of others and seeing that people just released from the hospital was fed every day and were in need of nothing, cleaning house and cooking meals and washing clothes and checking on parent and taking care of  Selah, buying groceries, cleaning the basement, washing the car and so on and so on……  

Yes, Lord, I am your servant and I place myself in your hands….I am going back to bed now…..    THANK YOU LORD!


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