Hello World…when I don’t understand..

Sometimes I don’t understand…… and yet my heart desires too.

I finally realized today that NOTHING is beyond God’s ability and My Abba Father  has NO LIMITATIONS.

He is always what He says He is and He says what He means and every WORD from His mouth comes True; because HE IS The Way, The Truth and The Life.  THE is the operative word here.  When you get down to the nitty-gritty and put your TRUST in Father God and really look at Who He is and really put your mind to really thinking about it, You have only one choice to make……..

Like Zechariah who lost sight of these truths, even after God sent an ANGEL to assure him of His plan and was told what God was going to do in his and his wife’s life: (By the way, they were too old to have children – they were too old to make what God said,  happen)  God put his plan to work in their lives anyway.    Why and How did God do that?

God is not bound by human and earthly limitations and constraints.  Your age, your inabilities nor your circumstances can or will prevent God’s Word from being fulfilled because God CAN AND DOES do all things according to His Word and His Will.   His plans are not aligned with our reasonings and will seem to be totally illogical and without our ability to get it done.   So instead of worrying about  when, where, why and how to fulfill what God has said for you to do:  JUST  trust Him with your lack of understanding and run to His arms of safety and let God do what only God can do in you and your life and watch Him make you into all He says He can and will make you INTO.  Trust means lean on, rely on and believe He can.

…..grow UP.   Just grow UP because true spiritual maturity means trusting God in every area of your life, especially when you don’t understand, for He is THE  GOD  OF LOVE.  A generous, benevolent God. It is His nature to give often and give much to believing and unbelieving alike. Sadly not everyone is willing to receive. Jesus was and is God’s ultimate Gift to the World.  When you don’t understand , when His plans don’t always line up with your reasonings, when they seem downright illogical, instead of worrying —- why don’t you just accept His gift of His Son and trust God whether you understand it or not….  His ways are not our ways, but God is more than able.

Abba Father, help us accept your free gift  and help us trust you whether or not we understand your ways.


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