Hello World…Audience of One

What has the Lord done for you?

Look what the Lord has done for you…. Each day we must put on the eyes of trust and look in our lives for what the Lord is doing.  Love never fails and when we know that God loves us, we are searching daily for evidence of what He is doing.  Last week, I saw the Lord high and lifted up working in the lives of many around me.  I saw the smile of a child as I threw the ball over the fence to him.  I saw a woman cry over the joy of her child receive a lost toy. I saw a man rejoice over the woman he loves coming home after a long trip.  I saw a puppy cuddle  his master coming home from work  I saw the sun rise early morning and sun set in a hot afternoon.  I saw rain drops on a rose blooming in the garden.  I saw peace in a wife’s eyes as she saw her husband get up off the sick-bed in the hospital. I feel peace daily.

What has the Lord done for you today?


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