Hello World…Come Follow Me…..

I have been on vacation….Not a real vacation, but like four days away from home visiting other members of the family. . . .  for me that is a vacation, because I get to see people who I haven’t seen in a few months, weeks, days…..       and I get to do a few things I don’t normally do,  like cook, clean and pick up after people I don’t normally cook, clean and pick up after….  

I spent a lot of time reading Kirk Cameron’s book about himself and growing up in Growing Pains sitcom. Very interesting book with lots of advice on how not to grow up in Hollywood. God was very good to that young man and his family. He now has a growing ministry leading others to the Lord.

I saw a lot of heartache and pain going on in someone who needs lots of prayer.   I saw God working in the lives of a couple who need lots of prayer.  I saw a Bluegrass Singing that has been covered in lots of prayer….the gospel side was wonderful music coming from four wonderful people who knew how to sing Bluegrass music, real down home Virginia/Tennessee Bluegrass.

I missed writing.  No internet where I was and I mean NO INTERNET.  The phones didn’t work half the time. The heat was hot enough to make me think about hell more than once and wonder if God was just giving everyone a taste of what it was going to be like if  you missed that train to heaven. Needless to say, I rested and enjoyed my time away. ………..  and this morning I woke  up in my bed thanking God for another opportunity to hear Him say, 

                                           COME FOLLOW ME TODAY my Child  for I offer you life—-life that does not require a certain status or wealth. In fact, I welcome the poor in spirit to feast at My table.  Yet time and again seekers turn down my offer, just as the rich young man did.  If only he had understood:  I AM not against you having possessions; it is a heart tied to possessions—-or anything other than Me—-that grieves Me.  Once My gifts to you start competing with your devotion to Me, they become distractions.  And I never want you to be distracted.   Dear One, cling to Me and the life I offer.  Focus on Me, rather than on what you think your possessions can provide.  When you follow  me with all your heart, you will always have everything your need.

I spoke with a man and asked him “If God would grant you the two main desires of your heart, what would you ask Him for?”

His reply had not one word about God in it. It was all about himself…then he thought about it for a moment and said, “No, I want to change that. I want my daughter saved and then it turned back to all about him.   I though, ‘God, the focus of mankind these days is on self first. Then it goes to You and then back to self.  Mankind has it upside down.   We should be hearing the voice of our beloved Father every day when He calls “Come Follow Me!’ and quickly run to Him…

Everything we need is in the Great  I AM

Come Follow…………………………..


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