Hello World…Precious Child

Did you know that people put labels on one another and have no clue what they are doing to one  another …….

Jesus came to this earth for one main reason and in the process of getting that job done, He accomplished many other supernatural feats as He walked among His creations.  God is watching all the time. He sees how people treat His children….He does not miss that snide remake made under whispering breath about you by a co-worker. He knows how their false words, ugly remarks about you and too you have hurt you.  He knows when they nitpick you to death and put you in a tiny box and down you every chance they get.  He sees and He hears all they are doing.     


…………..does not let them get away with this forever….Let me tell  you  a TRUE story.

My Aunt that lived in Atlanta, Ga. lived alone in her home for many years without anyone bothering her.  She kept a nice home,  clean-cut yards and was extremely good to all her neighbors.  She never turned anyone down that asked her for help or money or food to eat.  She loved the LORD  with all her heart.  One day a man showed up at her front door stating he needed a job and would work cleaning her yard, gutters or doing what ever she needed done for enough money to buy him something to eat.  She agreed and even offered to feed him so he would not have to spend his money on food.  He told her that would be fine and he would be back in a few minutes to get a list of what she needed done. She closed the door and began her list.  In moments he reappeared at her door with another man and a gun in his hand.  He told her to get in the bath room and stay there or he would kill her if she came out.   She did as commanded and stayed until she heard no further sounds.

Upon coming out of the bathroom, she found they had stolen her TV….a couple of dollars she had laying in  a dish on her coffee table, along with a few items that she could replace.  She called the police and told them what happened..they made a report but told her that she would probably never see any thing from it. …No finger prints could be found and the TV was the only thing  large they had taken.    Her answer to them was:  “God knows who they are and He will take care of them one way or the other.  All I am going to do is pray.”

Two weeks later, both men were killed by a transfer Truck that hit them crossing the road while carrying her TV set.  The police had a perfect description of both men and the TV had her number written inside the cabinet.       “Vengeance  is  mine”, says the LORD>

Jesus was more than just a carpenter…..you are more than a conquorer…..Remember who you are in Christ Jesus…..You are God’s Precious Child!



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