Hello World….True Rest

Are you rested?  Do you know how to rest? Is it necessary to rest and why do you think it is OK  to work 24/7 if you don’t want  to rest?

God spoke to my heart and told me   as His child, He wanted me to know that He created this world and the cycles of this world for rest and work.  He did all this because He knows that His people need  to rest as well as work.  Work is not something you do to make money necessaryly……working  should be as much fun to you as resting is…

Father’s Son went about doing good and healing the sick.  Healing was considered work as far as the religious community was concerned and He was accused of breaking the Sabbath when He healed someone. But contrary to their belief, He was providing true rest to the one who was burdened by their sickness or disease.  The rest that we are to enter into is one given by keeping the day of rest to spend it in the presence of the One who created it for rest.  He did not just create it for you….He created it for you and Him to be able to spend time together  so He could refresh and energize you with His Spirit for the week of work ahead of you.

This is not just God’s Day…..it should be Our’s Day spent together with the Creator who loves us enough to think about our needs even when we don’t….

Thank you Lord for setting aside your day…..our day….for rest and renewal.



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