Hello World….The Rest of Your Life

Things are a changing in this old world and a lot of people are not paying attention to the changes going on around them regaarding the rest of your life.

I just read that the American Dollar is at its lowest and we older folks are about to see something happening that will leave us with a bad taste in our mouth regarding the next fate of getting older.  Health Care in America is about to take a hit that Europe took many years ago ,,, The older you are the longer you will wait on health care….so you young folks better start eating right, drinking plenty of clean water and exercising daily to keep yourself health cause ‘things are about to change’…..

Well now that I got the political mess out-of-the-way, are you ready for some  stuff?

Many of you know that my daughter passed away back in April, some of you may not….We had to have her cremated due to there was no insurance to cover the cost of a funeral and things got out of sorts with members of the family…However all is better now and one of my granddaughters decided to do something no one was prepared for.

She told us one day that she wanted the keys to the burial box because she was going to take some of her Mom’s ashes and she was going to take them to the ocean and scatter them while she was on vacation with her friends.  Needless to say, a few folks were shocked that she would open the burial box and do this; but I being the Grandmama that I am gave her the keys and told her to do whatever she felt like she needed to do.  Just don’t tell me when you do it……

I believe the dead should be left alone and not bothered to be moved from place to place.    Even though I know they are not here any longer.   The bible says, “Absent from the body, at home with the Lord”.   I still think the body and/or  ashes should be left alone.   She never said whether she did it or not so I can not report that this is what actually happened or not.  I would like to know that all is well with whatever is left…..but then again, I am the one who did not want to know……

Wishing life could be peaceful all the time…….for the rest of my life…


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