Hello World…..The Present….

A Child  was born and not invited to the party……

Based on a true story…….

My friend told me this story…Her child was friends with another 10-year-old who was having a birthday party.  They were friends but her child didn’t hang around with this boy and he didn’t invite her child to his birthday party. Her child, who is a Christian and didn’t get invited to the party sent a gift anyway. He went to his room, found something he played with, a gift bag and packaged the toy for his friend and gave it to him for his birthday. 

His Mama, who didn’t have the money to buy presents, or take her son to  the party, prayed, and asked God to do something special for her son.   She was asked to bring him to the skating  rink to let him skate during the party – she didn’t have the money to pay for him to skate and was told:  “bring him anyway, it won’t cost you a penny….”     She did take him and while he was skating, he told his Mom he was thirsty and she prayed for God to supply because she didn’t have 4 dollars for a coke……. and as she was walking around she found a quarter, and then found another quarter and another until she realized she had found, on the floor, enough money to pay for him to have a coke from the fountain….

Her son knew she had prayed for supply and he was humbled by God’s ability to take care of him. She told him that God had supplied to him for his gift to the boy who had not asked him to the party because  Caymn had given from his  toys, a gift for the boy’s birthday,  when he had not been invited to the party…..A Gift from God to Caymn for his love and gift when he had not been invited to the birthday party……

We can all learn from that one…. Love gives when not invited…….


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