Hello World….Ungodly Soul Ties #2

Hello World

You Will Walk in MY Spirit of Ecellence

Yes She would not give him up so the Lord interveined and took the controll of dividing light from darkness. Darkness could not continue to dwell where the light was or the light was about to go out. God does not loose what He saves. He came in from work one day and attacked her with a verbal slander and cursed her and her family member with words that came straight from the pits.

She could not listen to such and she began to scream and tell him he was not going to talk to her like that. But he continued and drew his hand to hit her and she defended her self with a broom. She hit him upside the head and he left. He left and called the police and filed a warrent against her for assult. He wasn’t hurt but he was leaving….. one way or the other he was leaving.
That was all it took to seperate light from darkness. He is gone but she has to go to court for assault over something she could have easily took care of by just telling him to leave a week earlier.
She said she will never let him back into her life. I know soul ties must be hard to break but when God does it….it is done.


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