Hello World….Readiness of God

God is ready to help you.  Everyday He waits for you to open your eyes and come to Him with asking on your lips. He says ‘no weapon that is formed against you can be successful.’    He has established you in His righteousness and any thing that raises its head against you, any form of demonic activity, any oppression are to stay far away from you.  You are not to be afraid of the enemy that try to show force against you because God is with you.  You are not to be afraid – you are not to show fear – you are to stand in the power that God has given you and through the Holy Spirit, you are to fight the good fight of faith. You are to stand firm, and be secure in the knowledge that God will see you through anything that is coming your way.  Faith means to have confidence in TRUTH. . . . . Now faith means right this minute you trust, rely, and persevere.

Put down any thought that you are not strong enough to withstand  the foe that is coming against you.  God has called  you “Beloved”   and that means He will stand in front of you and take it first. He has blessed you to be a blessing and He has given you power in His Name to see you through. He will deliver you from the power of darkness and He has translated you into the Kingdom of Light where you will dwell with His Son for eternity.  God is your fortress, your high tower, He is your refuge. When you make Him your dwelling place  – He will dwell in you and you in Him and nothing can harm you.

When you call on Him, He will answer you and He will be with you in troubles and He will deliver you….

God is ready to answer you, are you ready to ask?


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