Hello World…Legal Authority

My Father says we are not to be intimidated by the enemy that arrises to tell us that we belong to him and we will never be free from him.   Father said that we are to exercise His Word against the enemy because that is the Spirit of God in our life and Father has given us legal authority to bind and loose the enemy’s influence in our life. When the enemy comes in,  like a flood God will raise up a standard against him and we can be free just by speaking the Word and pleading the blood over our situation when one arrises.    

Our  mediator in this new covenant is God’s Son and His death paid the price to set us free from sin. We  have the power to live free from anything that the enemy brings in our direction just by speaking the Word.   We are not to use our freedom to excuse, cover up or continue to sin. We are bound by the blood of Jesus to  live in the new and better covenant thru His death, burial and resurrection.  Father will put His laws in our mind and write them on  our heart so that we  can live in freedom continually.

As God’s child, we  have an obligation to Him to obey our Father’s will for us. Doing that as His Child, we  can over come the world, the flesh and the enemy because we walk continually in His Legal Authority and we do not have to fear man or devil or worry about the works of darkness overtaking us because we  have the TRUTH, the WAY and the LIFE with the mind of Christ to be taught by the Holy Spirit  how to obey, how to walk daily, how to live, how to love, how to overcome all enemies.

We should  want to be like our  Savior – more of Him and less of me daily…..is my prayer.


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