Hello World…..Grace, is it greasy?

I have noticed people who call themselves by the name of Christ,  Christian,    are sometimes saying one thing and doing another.. Why would you do that?

Example:       Married – having an affair with another man / woman        Stealing from  someone by taking pens/paper/paperclips/ from work site     Lying about where you have been/spent the night/friend you are running with       Drinking and driving        gossiping about what   SHE  did the other night   

Oh, but I went to church Sunday and asked forgiveness.    Well, yes, I did go drinking again on Thursday night with my friends  and yes I did sneak into the movies with my friend and well, yes we did smoke a joint when we went clubbing.  Oh, but we are going to church Sunday to ask forgiveness. 

That should not be!   God sees the challenges you face each day. ….the people who tempt you to pull away from Him, the co-workers who encourage you to ignore company policy, the girlfriend/boyfriend who encourages you to just take one puff,  the husband who has an extra marital fling, just one night, and swears it will never happen again or the man who beats you twice a month because he came in drunk even though he is pastor of the church.  God also notices and celebrates those who take a stand for Him.

When God’s servant Daniel was taken captive and brought into Babylon, no one would have blamed him if he had bent a few rules. He was a prisoner in a hostile land; why should he stand for what he believed among heathens or even among those he well knew, maybe the old loyalties no longer applied.

But Daniel knew his God.  Foreign land or not, God was with him and Daniel stood loyal to the One who was there, day and  night watching over him. He stood strong in the face of the world, the flesh, and the King who wanted to slauder  him and all his friends.  Daniel stood up for God, he drew the line in the sand and refused to cross it even when his enemies realized there was a God taking care of him.

When you think drawing the line in the sand makes you look like a fool, like a dummy, like a weak and silly human, stop and think.  The Good News is, it does not make you look like any of that.  You actually grow stronger and more attractive to God every time you seek to honor God. He is the one you have to please, NOT Man.

Grace cost God His only Son.    What is it costing you?


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