Hello World…. What is God doing today?

I have watched this past month so many ‘bad’ things happening everywhere to every body. It is a daily occurrence that bad things are happening to good people and they don’t seem to understand what is happening.

I was ministering to a lady who was having a hard time with somethings going on in her life. As I listened to her plight I  could hear the Lord saying ‘this situation has to change. I AM not in this and she has to realize that I AM not in this.’   I prayed as she talked; asking the Lord to show her what her choices were doing to keep this going wrong in her life.

Human beings think that someone else causes the problems in life. But when you stand back and look at what is going on in life – YOU have to take responsiblity for everything that happens in your life. Why do I say that?     Why do young people treat their parent with disrespect?  Why do they not see that this is their only set of parents and they gave birth to you. When you disrespect your parents… you are showing disrespect for God.  God does not cause all your little problems in life. Let us look at a scenario.

Two women who raised children:

#1  Raised 3 children.  Her husband worked away from home 5 days a week so she had to take care of the children by herself Monday to Friday. Having no  money except what the husband gave her when he came home on Saturday morning.  Frustration began to grow in the woman’s life and she began to abuse her children. ….especially the oldest one. There was only two-year age difference in the children. The baby cried all the time, the middle child was very unruly and the oldest was given responsibility to help take care of the two younger even though she was only six years old. One day the father came home from work early on a Friday and caught the mother beating the oldest child with a belt.  The child was screaming bloody murder because the mother was using the belt with the buckle hitting the child. The child was badly bruised from head to toe. When the Father opened the door, the mother was enraged with anger and could not even hear the door being opened. As he ran to the rescue of the child, he began to yell at his wife to stop hitting the child. One of the neighbors heard and came running.  All three stood looking at each other while the child cried in pain. 

What would you have done in this circumstance? 

#2  Raised  children with out a father. He divorced her when the youngest was only months old.  She had to work full-time, pay a baby sitter to raise her children. She had no sisters, and her brothers were demons in human clothing. When she needed something she had to save the money and do without something else to buy extras for the children. I am talking about extra milk, extra cereal, extra warm socks or new pair of shoes because little feet grow fast. When these children grew up, the son became like the world and the daughter became a ‘christian’.   The son loved his mom, the daughter disrespected her every time she got around her. The son claimed he believed and still ran with the world, but he honored his mom. The daughter went to church and cursed her mother and showed disrespect to her calling her names and taking every thing she could from her leaving her mom destitute and wanting even the necessities of life.

What would you do in this circumstance?

We come across choices every day.    Unless we know the WORD, we are not going to make right choices.  Unless we serve the God of Goodness and Mercy, we are not going to make the right choices. We can stand in the garage all day long, but that is not going to make us into a Car. It is time for America to wake up. It is time for individuals to open eyes wide and read the Word and begin to obey what thus says the Lord.  Being a true Child of God is a responsibility that comes with rules whether you like it or not. You must love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul and Love your neighbor  (Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters and your enemy’s) as yourself.  Do you hate yourself, do you disrespect yourself, do you curse your self, do you starve, steal, beat up yourself?)     WAKE  UP~!!!!!!!

Choose this day whom you will serve……Take responsibility for your life……


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