Revelation …. The Book

Today I was reading the Book of Revelations, Chapter 4 and I began to look up some of the words in the Hebrew concordance.   I realized why we must study to show ourselves approved now.  If you don’t study for yourself and hear what the Spirit says, you can be fooled by ‘all those stories out there’.

The book is not scarey, neither is it hard to understand as many say it is.  You need a bible, a concordance of Hebrew and Greek words, and the Holy Spirit.  Pray and ask and He will give you revelation knowledge of what you are studying and help you understand it from heaven’s prespective.

Someone said to me, “That stuff about the first beast was like a lion, and the second like a calf, and the third had the face of a man, and the forth was like a flying eagle, that don’t make sense to me at all.”  When I asked why, they said, “what animal looks like a lion, calf, man and eagle?  That is just stupid.”

I just shook my head and smiled.  When I read it and looked up the word beast, it says living creature so when I prayed and read it, I heard this:   The first living creature was like a lion….. (strong, majestic, sleek, beautiful) and the second living creature was like a calf, (big eyed, sweet, gentle) and the third living creature has a face as a man  ( eyes to see, ears to hear, mouth to speak, nose to breathe with)  and the forth living creature was like a flying eagle  (able to rise to heights, able to see 5 miles, swift to fly, soar in the heavens)

And the four living creatures, individually had 6 wings, were full of eyes (all over and within their wings) and they rest not day or night saying, Holy, Holy, Holy  Lord God Almighty, which was,  and is,   and is to come.  (they worship God day and night crying holy, holy, holy to God Almighty….(He was in eternity past, is in the present, and is coming in the future)

It was very exciting to read this and to hear the beauty of what the Holy Spirit was saying as I read it out loud to myself. 

Faith comes by hearing the Word.  Read it out loud to yourself and the Lord will build your faith daily.

Try it….I did….




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