Hello World…Abuse or aggravation

Abuse, in the dictionary, is defined as:  1. to use wrongly or improperly,  2. to hurt or injure by maltreatment 3. to assail with contemptuous, coarse, or insulting words, revile.

Aggravation is defined as:  1. the act of aggravating. 2. to annoy, 3. a thing that irritates or makes worse, more troublesome or more irritated 4. bothersome, exasperation.

I have finally come to understand that most people who have not come to peace with the Lord are both abusive and aggravating.  I was speaking with someone who was trying to be nice, but something in them jumped out with a comment so bothersome that I asked them to apologize to me for what they said about someone else. They looked at me so funny and then said, “I’m sorry I said that.”  I asked them why they let such nasties come out of their mouth and they didn’t know why.

When I told them that their heart was not right their eyes got big and a new comment came out.  At that comment I knew they were about to explode from the inside out so I smiled and said, “The Lord will not put up with abuse or aggravation from this old world forever. He will one day say, “Enough” and it will be the end of the age for people who are not going to submit their hearts to righteousness and change….then you are not going to be able to say, “I’m sorry.” and continue on abusing those around you. 

Today is the day of salvation.

I have found that salvation changes people. True heart salvation changes people and they are no longer petty abusers, blatant aggrevators, cursing people for nothing, road-rage hateful human beings living on planet earth taking their rage out on innocent folks. 



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