Hello World..Helping my Mama

Today I spent the day helping my Mama overcome the last few days of keeping her awake because of a leak in her roof that dripped water into her dining room. We had to meet with insurance man and roofing man and co-ordinate each to be there moments before each other, if not at the same time…..to examine the roof.  My beloved 82-year-old  Mama could not hear, due to hearing impairment, what they were trying to say to her so I did the ‘inbetweens’.

When I told her there was nothing actually wrong with the roof; that one of the pipes coming out of the ceiling had a dent in it and the water was leaking around the pipe, she could not believe they would not replace the roof. After paying home owners insurance for 36 years, and she had personally paid to have a new roof put on it 10 years prior, she could not grasp that they would do nothing toward paying for the roof to be replaced. 

The roofer man was really the one who helped explain so she would accept what was to be done. He explained that all she needed was someone to go up and caulk around the pipe with roofing tar and all would be well for another 5 to 7 years.  Her comment made me smile, “Well, if it leaks again inside my house, I won’t be here another 5 to 7 years. This has just made me too nervous and I haven’t slept a wink thinking it might rain inside my house again.” 

After a little more discussion, she finally agreed and he said he would do it for her for $150.00 dollars one day next week. That was just way too long for her to go without sleep so I told her we would get the tar and I would go up on the roof and do it myself this afternoon.  He told me that it was not a problem and I could probably do it in about 15 minutes after I got on the roof.

Hey, hey, hey…. I am 64 years old and he thinks I can do this myself????……I must be looking a lot younger than my age, don’t you think?  All I was trying to do was calm her down….After I thanked him for his support, and he left, I prayed about it and the Spirit of the Lord said to me:

“You can do it. I am your strength and I will be with you.”    So, I took myself by the nap of the neck and shook myself and grinned at my Mama and said, “Hey, let us go get the tar and a ladder and I will have it done by 3:30.”   We did ………..While sitting on the roof, a cool breeze began to blow and I had no fear. I began to pray in the Spirit and Mama got a chair and set it in the yard so she could watch me.  While walking around in the roof, I found a nail that had worked it’s way  upward and I nailed it back in, patted a little tar on its head and walked around looking to see if there were any more nails doing the same….found none so I climbed down, pulled off my gloves and got me a peanut butter cookie and smiled at my Mama and said:  “The Lord is good. The entire cost of repair was $41.00 for the bucket of tar. Now you don’t have to worry about it raining inside the house anymore!” 

She smiled and was happy,   so was I………. Thank  Your Lord!


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