Hello World…..4th Watch….

Saturday night I had a dream about Points of Perfection. When I first woke up, I did not remember the dream, but someone else sleeping down the hall from me was awakened by the laughter coming from me during the dream. I was sound asleep laughing out loud.    When I first woke up, I couldn’t remember why I was laughing, but later in the day when I told my husband about it, he said to me: “You always have crazy dreams, are you sure it wasn’t a dream you were laughing about?” 

Little by little the dream began to come back to me. I remember seeing a sign on a door.   “POINTS OF PERFECTION”  I saw that on the door before I went into a room where I was going to be judged on my life, the one that I had already lived, the one I was living and the one that I would live….none of it made any sense while I was in the dream, but it was evidently extremely funny to me.

What I remember about the dream was, I was walking on a street that had nothing on either side. I could only see a few feet in front of me but as I stepped, the street would go further into the future as I moved forward. I came to a door that said, “POINTS OF PERFECTION” and when I opened it I saw large screens like TV screens on all walls. On each screen was a different year of my life and as I watched the first screen, I realized I was just being born, I saw my mother and father and grandmother standing around me, saying, she is a tiny thing to make so much noise.  I was crying at the top of my lungs.  That picture was purple.   The next picture I saw was me about a year old.  I was standing near an old looking vehicle with the door open. My daddy picked me up and put me in the front seat next to him and I was smiling, happy to get to go, I guess. That picture was blue.  A picture of me at age two eating a piece of watermelon. I had it all over me, smiling from ear to ear, reaching for another piece. That picture was  emerald-green.  The next picture was me on a tricycle at about 3 years old. I was trying to peddle, but could not get it to move. Tears were in my eyes because it would not move.  That picture was blue.   Then I was on a bicycle with training wheels, at age 5,   going down a hill lickety split, feet flying  trying to stop but the brakes would not hold, I was screaming at the top of my lungs. That picture was purple with red streaks in it. At age 6, I was jumping over a snake that was coiled in the center of my path, the picture was blue with red streaks in it.  The pictures continued in front of me about a year in age apart and the colors were different on the pictures but yet many were the same color.

Near the end of the dream, I was standing  in front of a section of boxes that were colored and the pictures were falling into the box that matched its color. I began to laugh when I realized the pictures that were purple were more than the other pictures, yet I didn’t know why I was so happy that there were more purple pictures than other colored pictures.

The screen changed and I was standing on a high building and I was told to jump off that it would not hurt me to jump off ….but I just stood there smiling.  The voice got louder and louder telling me to jump – it would not hurt me to jump, just trust that I would not be hurt.   I smiled and said, “I trust that I will not be hurt if I stand still.”

The picture turned purple and I realized that I was in the dream, dreaming the dream as well as watching the dream and I began to laugh out loud. This was a test. I was to pass this test before I could go to the next test room.  I left the room and went to the next room where I was sitting on a large chair that had my name written on the back, but it was not spelled like I spell my name. The  name on the back of the chair was guwl.  A hebrew word that means  ‘ spin around’  and the English word is Rejoice.

I will rejoice and be glad in it.  Yes, I though, laughter comes to those who rejoice and are glad.  I was glad, I am glad and I will be glad. As I watched the pictures move along the strip they were attached to, I became extremely happy again and I laughed out loud watching the picture colors change as I aged and become deeper in color, some looked richer and thicker  in color, some were pale and translucent in color, but all were  of 5 colors.   Purple, Blue, Emerald Green, Red and one of the other three colors with red streaks through it.   I have no clue what that means but it probably means something.

The laughter I had in my sleep came out loud in my life as I dreamed this dream.  My friend down the hall heard me laugh out loud and though that I was awake. I write this to ponder — Was I dreaming in the 4th watch of the morning something significant to my life when I am awake?  Do dreams mean anything? Do the colors in dreams mean anything? When this dream started coming back to me during the afternoon, I kept thinking, dreams don’t mean a lot unless they have an interpretation. Strange this dream is long in writing it but it seemed only moments while I was asleep.

 What do you think???   Do dreams mean anything, do colors? Why could I not remember the dream when I first woke up?  Is that important? I don’t understand this dream or why I had it………


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