Hello World…Victory is Mine…

Thanks be unto God, which gives us the victory through………………..

How do we get  victory that overcomes the everyday things we go through?  My friend called  me to tell me about a man who asked her to go to Israel because he felt like everyone needs to be there when the end comes. She said to me, this man left his wife and kids, sold his home, sold his business, left his church and said goodby to everyone and went to Israel so he would be there when the end comes.  Why?  was her question to me…My answer was “don’t ask me, ask him.”

Another friend called to ask me,  ‘why was everything around us costing so much and so many people loosing their jobs and homes’?   Answer from me, “I don’t have a clue.”

Finally God spoke to my heart and a still small voice said:  Faith is the victory that overcomes the world.

We, and I mean all of us, go thru stuff everyday. How do you think children feel when their father packs up and goes…..wife feels when a man leaves ….people feel when they can’t pay their house payments, car payments, grocery bill.????  Where do most people turn too?  Will faith pay your house payment?  Absolutely not someone will say. 

 But let me tell you about this little woman I know personally.  She loves God with all her heart, believes the savior gave His life for her and when she prays she gets her prayers answered.  True example, her husband bought a motorcycle, rode it every weekend on trips, (didn’t take her because she has a fused spine)  and 4 weeks later he  tells her he loves her and is going for a long ride, see you later.  Two weeks later he comes home, packs his bags, tells her he is getting a divorce and she can  have the house, the truck and bills.  ……….and he is gone on his motorcycle.

She told me she had been praying the entire time he had been gone because she thought something happened to him; she had called all the hospitals, clinics, and police in the area trying to find out if something deadly had happened to him;   my thoughts  ‘no such luck…’   When he came back, she calmly told him he was showing disrespect to her for not letting her know if he was OK, and she was concerned that he had gotten killed on the motorcycle.

 He told her he was fine and he was leaving and he was getting a divorce.

She said at first she was upset,  and mad,   and then she decided she was better off without him because he didn’t love the Lord like she did and he wanted to leave so she let him without a word, even helped him get his stuff together.  He did file for divorce,   she prayed,    he came got all his stuff,    she prayed, he left her with nothing.   He took all the money out of the bank, didn’t pay the last house payment before he left, all bills outstanding every where  and gave her no money to buy groceries — She didn’t have a job and had not worked in almost 15 years.  She said she was left penniless, bill’s out the roof, only enough groceries for a couple of meals and no way to pay anyone any thing.

But God……She said “I prayed and told God the situation and you know He already knew but I talked to Him about it anyway.  I didn’t tell anyone that I had no money and no way to pay my bills, only God knew. …. but God paid my house payment for 3  months,  my truck payment for 5 months”   The electric bill was paid by mysterious money that she received …    Her water bill was paid by money that showed up in her checking account on the day it was due.  She said the  electric bill and water bill came down to   $28.00  and $8.00 per month from $114.00 and  $69.00 while he was living there – and she still use both just like she always did.

She told me that God heard her prayers of FAITH and she believed HIM to take care of all her needs.   This is a year later and God is still making deposits to her account to pay her bills.    She said the house payment came down from  $989.00 per month to $427.00 a month when she listened to the Lord about seeing the banker for a reduction due to her circumstances.   Favor of the Lord   and she got the reduction in 45 days.    Her son is now making the house payments; he bought the loan when it came down to $427.00 and now she has no house payment.

She lives by faith. She prays and praise and God answers her prayers and meets her needs.

One day we are all going to learn how to live in that realm with God and it will be ‘on earth as it is in heaven’.

TO GOD BE ALL GLORY!!!……through Christ Jesus.



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