HELLO WORLD…Harbinger…..Review

Hello World-Excellent Reading….

I just read, from cover to cover, the book by Jonathan Cahn, The Harbinger

This book should be read by every American as well as everyone in the world that can read,. but especially Americans.

Many will probably say, ‘Oh there is nothing to all that,’  but I must vehemently disagree. I read the other BOOK that has Isiah 9:10 prophecy in it and I know  what is expressed in this book is a true Word of warning to all American People.  Unless we wake up and begin to realize that eternity is just one heart beat away and repent and turn back to God, a big surprise is coming to those who refuse to hear this warning… It came to Israel and happened just as it was predicted, what make one think it won’t happen to America?

The way it was written says a lot about the prophecy. You can’t miss it if you have an open honest mind. God does not give you a serpent if you ask for bread. Firey serpents come to those who fail to heed the warning when it is given.

Recently, in one of my blogs, I wrote what the Lord was saying to me about 2 Chronicles 7:14. 

      If,               MY PEOPLE,                WHO are  CALLED by MY NAME,    will humble themselves,

and PRAY,  and SEEK MY FACE,     and  TURN from their     WICKED  WAYS …. all that is speaking to each of us individually telling us  IF….if you will do what I ask you to do, you who are called by MY name,  if you will humble yourself , if you will pray, if you will seek My face, if you will TURN from your wicked ways,

then I WILL HEAR from heaven and will forgive their SIN and heal their LAND>

God will hear, God will forgive….forgive What?   Your Sin.  Did you catch that?  NOT SINS, but SIN……in the mind of God  all sins are the same… a stench in His nostrils, a slap in His face,  a degradation of your life, the one LIFE  He gave you to live expectantly in His honor and glory…..He WILL for give and heal their Land…..  What Land?   the Land you live in, the flesh you dwell in……If you will, He WILL>  

I don’t see how it can get much plainer.  WAKE UP America and read both books…You might learn something…..

P.S. Christians or people who call themselves Christians, must know this:   God is love and if you don’t have love one for another, you may need to examine yourselves and see if the name is yours or not…..


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