Hello World…A Good Reputation..

People are watching you and they know that you know the Lord and they wonder what that really means. They see you doing things just like they do it and react just like they do and they wonder…..   ‘is it really real, if they can’t behave any differently than I do, is it really real?’

People may never read the bible, but they read you daily as you go about your daily life. They see your reactions to difficulty, your attitude when someone gets your parking place at the mall, how you react when someone gives you a bad time over nothing, how you scream at your kids because they aren’t doing what you told them to do in the first place, how you kept the money the clerk gave you back and it was too much, how you tell your kids, ‘tell them I’m not home’ when you don’t want to talk to someone calling….

You are building a reputation every day when you walk out the door of your home.  People see you react to running a traffic light, being cut off in traffic, mall etiquette, “I was here first’,  sleeping in on Sunday morning because Sunday school is just another class and there will be Church the next Sunday – so why not?  Studying the bible is a chore and coming to early Sunday school is an even bigger chore because ‘that is the only day’ I can sleep in……

People are watching….what are you being an example of?   Can people honestly say, “there is a man in your kingdom who has the spirit of the holy gods in him’ or are they saying, ‘he is just like the rest of us Monday thru Saturday, but he ……’  or are they saying, ” You can count on him/her  Sunday thru Sunday. They never change and are always the same good, kind and helpful people all week-long.”

People are watching….they know  if you know…….  Does anyone see God in you?


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